WWF Championship Wrestling December 14th, 1985

December 14, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
This week, Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele will team up. Also, The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff and “Adorable” Adrian Adonis (The first time Adonis has been called “Adorable” on TV)

Steve Lombardi & Dave Barbie vs. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele w/ Capt. Lou Albano
The match starts with all four men going after each other. The action was really slow too. The ref takes control as JYD beats on Lombardi, who tags Barbie. Steele tags and bites Barbie in the corner then tosses him aside so he can bite the turnbuckle then he tags JYD who gets the win with a powerslam (2:58). After the match, JYD and Albano teach Steele to dance as Vince yells at the Animal to “GIT DOWN.”
Thoughts: A really bad match in the ring and the crowd was not into it nearly as much as they usually are for JYD. That is a not a good sign for the first match at the taping.
“Adorable” Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Michael Saxon
They have no begun the “Adorable” gimmick on TV for Adonis. Vince plugs the benefit show for Rick McGraw as they announced his passing for the first time. Adonis beats on Saxon and tosses him outside. He slams Saxon to the floor then brings him back inside and beats him up all over the ring. He hits a neckbreaker before putting him away with a jumping DDT (2:30). After the match, Adonis blows a kiss to the crowd then drops an elbow on Saxon.
Thoughts: Adonis was not very flamboyant at all during the infancy of his new gimmick. His weight was getting out of control at this point and his ring work would deteriorate rapidly.
Gene Okerlund is with Bruno Sammartino, who tells him that he destroyed Piper just like he said in Boston last week. He then says that he and Paul Orndorff are going to destroy both Piper and Orndorff in Boston on January 11th. Bruno could still cut a decent promo.
Vince McMahon plugs the “Slammy Awards” and shows us a clip of “Land of 1,000 Dances” and tells us we can vote for the best personality in the video by sending in a postcard.
The Gladiator & Mr. X vs. Corporal Kirchner & Scott McGhee
Some miscommunication here as Finkel was not given the updated information and announced Tony Atlas as Kirchner’s partner instead of McGhee, which looked even odder because the graphic before going to break read that McGhee was teaming with Kirchner. Match starts with Kirchner working on the arm of Mr. X. Both men tag out as McGhee suplexes The Gladiator then tags Kirchner, who catches him with a Samoan Drop for the win (1:30).
Thoughts: They seem to be pushing Kirchner again, although nowhere nearly as strong as before. McGhee could go in the ring but was never going to amount to anything in the WWF.
Mean Gene is with Lanny Poffo. He recites a poem about Bobby Heenan that Okerlund appreciated.
Ted Grippley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff
As Volkoff signs the Russian National Anthem, Kirchner comes out with the American flag as the crowd goes crazy, allowing Grippley and Wrestling II to attack. MWII and Sheik start things out. MWII lands a few shots before tagging out. Sheik destroys Grippley and hits a suplex before putting him away with the Camel Clutch (1:30).
Thoughts: Short match and Volkoff did not tag in once. Now they appear to be setting up a feud between Kirchner and the team of Sheik & Volkoff. I believe had Tony Atlas not been such a major fuck-up around this time, he was going to team with Kirchner to feud with Sheik & Volkoff.
Piper’s Pit with guest Hillbilly Jim. Roddy mocks Jim by speaking very slowly then asks him if he is nervous to face him in the ring. Jim isn’t nervous then when Piper insults Uncle Elmer, he has Jim stand up so Orton can lay down behind him. The segment ends before we can see if Piper pushed Jim down.
Footage of the Fabulous Moolah, as the Spider Lady, beating Wendi Richter for the Women’s Title at Madison Square Garden.
Another Slammy award category is announced. It is for the best single on the “Wrestling Album.”
Moondog Spot & John Rizzo vs. Killer Bees
Blair and Spot start off going back and forth. Brunzell tags and hits a monkey flip before going to work on the arm. Spot catches him with a backbreaker then slams him down before tagging Rizzo. Brunzell gets away and tags Blair who slams Rizzo in an awkward spot. He then hits a clothesline before putting him away with an elbow drop (2:44). I don’t think that was supposed to be the finish as Blair looked pissed afterwards and Vince even said that the move didn’t look like it was enough to put him away.
Thoughts: The end was definitely screwed up as the Bees looked upset at the end. Rizzo was a short, fat jobber who had no skills at all. The Bees are getting over with the TV audience.
Piper cuts a promo starting with a Piper LJN figure on a chair before plopping himself down. Orton is behind him as Piper talks about how he beat on Bruno in Boston, pressing his fingers against his nose to mock Bruno. Piper then goes on a tangent about Bruno & Orndorff not being man enough to approach them for a fight. Piper then says that he is the “Legend Killer” and warns Orndorff to not risk his career by aligning with Bruno. Typical Piper promo but it was still good.
In action next week are Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga, Terry Funk, Randy Savage, The Dream Team, Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Junior, and the World’s Strongest Man, Ted Arcidi.
Final Thoughts: A big show in that it showed the Women’s title change and also announced the “Slammy Awards.” They continued the Piper vs. Sammartino feud, which would last until the beginning of 1986 through the house show circuit. They also debuted the “Adorable” character on TV for the first time too.