Hi Scott-   Got thinking about this….I bet it is covered in your FAQ…..but (dumb question)….where is your FAQ?   I know that is the name of the site but that is really a blog.  Does your FAQ exist somewhere else?   Separately, I have a favor to ask you.  I’m working on a grad school paper that is a Situation Analysis of the WWE.  I’m writing about how the wrestlers are the Product that the WWE sells.  A few different times, you have said that the WWE doesn’t necessarily make stars anymore.  WWE is now the “star”.  In fact, recently, you answered a question that said that the wrestler hierarchy was Cena + UT + everyone else.  I can’t find it by doing a search.  Can you send me a link to any of your comments about the current product?  As a side note, I’ve read that SportsCenter is doing the same thing – making the show the star, as opposed to the anchors (I know you probably don’t watch it, but I’m sure you’re aware of the show).

I don't remember specifically which post had the quote in question, but someone might remember better here.
As for the FAQ, there is none.  Back in 99 I did the FAQ for RSPW and set up "[email protected]" as contact address for it, so every time I'd start a blog or website using that address it would assign me "" as my address.  It just kind of became my thing, although I haven't actually written a FAQ in 16 years.  I like using it as a name because it's unique and generally no one else uses it.