Two World Titles

Hey Scott

I know there has been a long held general consensus that there should only be one world title…..however, do you think that December was the worst possible time to unify the belts? Besides from the mistakes they made if it anyway (just 3 weeks build, disregarding Jericho's previous win, burying it on a forgettable December PPV), I can't help but think that if they wanted an Orton v Batista title match (for say the WWE title), they could have had the match and not had the negativity surrounding it simply by putting Bryan in a World title feud leading up to Mania (take your pick of opponents – Christian, Ziggler, Cena, Reigns, Sheamus).

Even at EC, they could have run a storyline of Orton safeguarding one belt by only putting the World title on the line in the chamber (and of course losing it).

I would say it is too late to split the belts now in time for Mania…..or is it?! Vince returns Monday and splits the titles, tournament for one culminating at Mania (with D-Bry winning)?

Keep up the great work

Yeah, it's too late now, what's done is done, but god they could not have possibly picked a worse time for the unification.  As you note, if they had both titles they could give Bryan the WWE title in a meaningful match and let Batista rot on Smackdown with the World title and everyone would be happy.  In fact the original plan was apparently Cena v. Wyatt for the World title before they decided to switch to a unified title at the last minute.  
But hey, the stock is at like $30 today, so what the fuck do we know, right?