Impact Wrestling – March 6, 2014

Date: March 6, 2014
Location: Wembley
Arena, London, England
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re STILL in England
and it’s the go home show for Lockdown. The main story coming into
tonight is a six man elimination tag for the advantage in Lethal
Lockdown on Sunday. TNA has been doing better lately but they need a
really good showing on Sunday to take it to the next level. Given
their track record, I’m hoping for good things tonight. Let’s get to

After the usual recap,
here are Roode and the Bro Mans with something to say. The Bro Mans
are champions again, having won the titles in Japan. Nice touch of
continuity there. Roode says he and his team are ready for Lockdown
and he wants MVP right now. Instead he gets Aries (wearing the X
Title to take away the nice bit of continuity) who says that 10% of
the pie isn’t much but it’s a piece and Aries wants half.
The Bro Mans say not so
fast because they want a piece too. Roode says no because he’s the
captain and he isn’t sharing. The top priority is winning the match
and Aries says that isn’t a problem. There isn’t a single person in
this company that can save MVP, so here are the Wolves and MVP to
MVP says he made a
mistake when he trusted Aries, but he won’t be fooled twice in a row.
He had to do some hustling to come up with another partner and he
has made his decision. Before he can say anything, here’s Dixie
Carter to cut him off. She doesn’t care who MVP’s partner is because
she’s been in New York securing the victory for Team Roode. The
company means everything to her and she’ll do anything to keep it
under her control.
MVP understands but
asks if Dixie wants to know the mystery partner. It’s a former world
champion and that’s enough for Dixie to want to know. It’s Jeff
Hardy and Dixie FREAKS. Dixie says over her dead body and MVP offers
to send a wreath to her funeral. Roode jumps MVP and the six man
starts before a break.
vs. Robbie E/Austin Aries/Bobby Roode
Elimination tag and the
winning team gets the advantage at Lockdown. We’re joined in
progress after a break with Robbie driving Edwards into the corner
before it’s off to Roode for some kicks to the ribs. The villains
take turns working over Eddie until he backflips out of a belly to
back suplex and makes the tag off to MVP. The title belts are laying
in the corner of the rung until Davey lays one of them on the floor.
MVP hits a quick Drive By for the pin on Robbie at 2:00.
The Wolves hit a double
kick on Roode for two but Aries comes in with a running dropkick in
the corner to Edwards, followed by the brainbuster for the pin at
3:45 total. Richards and Aries come in for a slugout with Richards
kicking Aries agianst the ropes but Austin coming back with a discus
forearm to put both guys down. A double tag brings in MVP and Roode
for a forearm and clothesline exchange that goes nowhere. Roode gets
knocked down but Aries makes the save, allowing Roode to hit a
clothesline to the back of MVP’s head for a pin (with Roode holding
the feet) at 5:10 total.
So it’s Richards 2-1
against Roode and Aries. Austin starts by working over Davey in the
corner and getting two off a bulldog. Davey is sent outside for a
top rope ax handle from Aries but comes back with a dropkick to take
out both heels. A running knee to Roode’s chest looks to set up the
top rope double stomp but Bobby rolls away. The Roode Bomb is
countered but Richards rolls into a half crab, only to have Aries
come in with a chair to the arm for a DQ at 7:55 total. Edwards
comes out to check on his partner and we take a break.
After a break there’s
no official winner, but Earl Hebner gives them one hour to get Davey
back in the ring for a match with Roode. The trainer doesn’t think
it’s going to happen.
We recap Samuel Shaw
and Mr. Anderson fighting because Shaw creeped Hemme out. Shaw says
last week was beautiful and he’ll do something else beautiful in the
ring tonight.
Shaw vs. Eric Young
Shaw comes out with a
cup of tea. Christy isn’t in her usual ringside seat so Anderson
comes out to do the intros instead. Shaw yells at Anderson and
almost gets rolled up for the pin. Young hammers away in the corner
but Shaw just smiles at him. Samuel hammers away in the corner as
the fans call him creepy. Shaw yells at Anderson again and Eric
hammers away and is sent to the apron for some strutting. A forearm
to the head sets up a belly to belly for two. They head outside and
Shaw throws the tea into Young’s eyes for a DQ at 2:23.
Shaw throws Young into
Anderson and chokes Mr. out again. He says he’ll be going to claim
what is rightfully his. Christy wisely walks away in the back.
Richards says he needs
to go to the hospital but MVP has something to do. Davey looks
Richards says he needs
to go to the hospital but MVP has something to do. Davey looks
Back from a break and
MVP is looking for Aries. He goes into the locker room and yells at
Austin over attacking Davey. MVP knows how things are working now.
We recap the Ethan vs.
Angle showdown last week. Ethan comes in to see Dixie and she tells
him to just focus.
Shaw is looking for
Christy in the back. After a break he’s still looking and goes into
the locker room. Instead he finds Velvet getting dressed and asks
where Christy is. Velvet says the makeup room and runs off.
Here’s Ethan Carter III
to call out Kurt Angle. If there’s one thing he learned last week,
it’s never meet your heroes because they might sucker punch you in
the face. Carter rants about all of the parts of Angle’s leg that
he’ll injure and lists off all the people he’s beaten. Once he beats
Angle on Sunday, he’ll be the American Icon. Angle finally limps out
and says he’s ready to go now but Carter runs. Kurt goes to leave
but Ethan jumps him to go after the leg. He slaps on a leg lock
until referees make the save.
MVP talks to the Wolves
and Richards says he’ll be standing up tonight.
Video on Kenny King
being King of the Night. Nice idea at least.
Female/Gail Kim/Lei’D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne/ODB
Madison jumps Gail to
start and scores with a quick northern lights suplex. Off to ODB for
a Bronco Buster but Tapa comes in and powerbombs her down for two.
Back up and they slug it out until it’s off to Velvet vs. Alpha
Female. Everything breaks down and Sabin goes after Velvet with a
chain and yells at her a lot. Chris charges at her but gets low
bridged to the floor. Alpha Female tries a full nelson but gets
kicked in the face. In Yo Face is enough to pin Female at 4:17.
D+. This was a messy match and
it didn’t go much of anywhere. I’m not sure why you would have
Female lose this quickly unless she’s just there for the European
tour. Madison and Velvet only had a few seconds here but that’s
better than no build for their title match on Sunday. Yeah they have
a title match on Sunday.
Shaw is still looking
for the makeup room.
Willow is still creepy.
Shaw goes to find
Christy but finds Anderson in a red wig instead. They fight behind a
door and Anderson puts lipstick on Shaw’s head.
We recap Storm vs.
Here’s Gunner to talk
about the code he lives by. He takes every day at a time and he
remembers a lot of days since he won that briefcase. This Sunday at
Lockdown he’s inside a cage and that brings back a lot of memories
for him. This brings out Storm (minus the catchphrase to start his
music) who says it sounds like Gunner is just complaining about his
bad luck. Gunner needs to pack a lunch on Sunday because it’s going
to be an all day beating. Storm gets in the ring and promises to cut
Gunner down before kicking him low. The Last Call to a kneeling
Gunner knocks him cold. Apparently it’s a last man standing match.
Roode wants Richards in
the ring right now.
Bobby comes out and
wants the referee to count to ten so his team can win. Davey comes
out around six and it’s time for our match.
Richards vs. Bobby Roode
Bobby of course goes
right after the arm and wraps it around the post. Back in and Roode
drops a knee on the arm and stands around for a bit. Richards rolls
to the floor and manages to crotch Roode as Bobby goes after him.
Roode heads outside but gets taken down by a suicide dive, only to
injure the arm even worse. Back inside and a missile dropkick gets
two for Davey and he fires off some kicks to the chest. The Roode
Bomb is countered into a half crab but Bobby rolls over and kicks at
the bad arm. Richards goes shoulder first into the post and the
Roode Bomb sets up the Crossface for the tap at 5:31.
C. Basic idea here but it did
its job well enough. This give MVP’s team a slight disadvantage
going into Sunday which is something they need to do given how one
sided the match is on paper. Richards sold the arm well and it’s a
decent enough story coming into the PPV.
MVP and Edwards make
the save.
Tigre Uno is still
Dixie tells Magnus to
stop worrying and just win on Sunday. She implies his match means
nothing to her.
Here are Magnus and Joe
for their showdown to end the show. Magnus says the two of them have
won titles and championships in Japan and here in TNA, including here
in this building. Joe has had far too many chances to win the title
but has blown it time after time due to his rage, and that’s exactly
what’s going to happen on Sunday.
Joe says that he does
have a rage problem because he wants to make people feel as much pain
as he can. That’s exactly what he can do on Sunday because it’s
Joe’s Rules, meaning he can beat on Magnus as long as he want and
take the title from him. Magnus gets in a cheap shot and gets choked
out to end the show.
C-. This was a good go
home show but it didn’t do much for me. The heels getting the
advantage in the cage isn’t a surprise at all and the matches were
just ok. Joe vs. Magnus was a good build but I can’t imagine Magnus
loses the title this early. It should be a good show on Sunday but
this was just ok.
MVP/Wolves vs. Bobby
Roode/Austin Aries/Robbie E went to a no contest
Eric Young b. Samuel
Shaw via DQ when Shaw threw tea into Young’s eyes
Velvet Sky/Madison
Rayne/ODB b. Alpha Female/Gail Kim/Lei’D Tapa – In Yo Face to
Bobby Roode b. Davey
Richards – Crossface

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