Asking for a Plug: WWE Network Screenshot Website

Hi Scott

Big fan of your work. Been reading the recaps for years.

Anyway, the network has given us a treasure trove of old wrestling shows and it's made me remember why I loved this shit so much growing up. Some of the visuals are just flat out ridiculous, so a buddy of mine and I started a website where we've begun collecting and posting screencaps that we've caught on the WWE Network. Here's the site:

Honestly, we started it for no other reason than that shit like this (from the '95 Rumble) needs to be documented:

Asking for a plug and to let any of your readers know if they want to submit anything funny/interesting/etc. they catch on the network to send us an email at [email protected].


I would advise caution in publicizing this endeavor so that you don't get your ass sued off, personally.  But good luck.