Hi Scott,

I know WWE has their plan, which they stick to regardless, but watching Elimination Chamber and then the match on Raw, I reckon there is money in that there Shield Vs Wyatts program. Two fresh young acts, over and having great matches. I'd headline the 'B' shows with them. Why split the Shield (something that actually worked)?

With that in mind, would it not make more sense to turn the whole Shield face (Ambrose can heel turn in eight months or so) and have them do an actual justice angle for a while? Gives Reigns some much-needed babyface practice, and I reckon people would buy it.


G Funk

P.S any chance of a quick plug for my band The Alibis – for any fans of struggling Scottish indie bands out there. Warning – no songs about how Bryan is being booked wrong.

Hey now, I already pitched that very idea.  And I don't have any idea why they need to split them, either.  When Rocky was getting popular in 98 he actually brought the rest of the Nation up to his level for a while, before they turned on him.  The same thing would happen here with Reigns.