Monday Nitro – October 12, 1998

I did this one a few months ago so the continuity might now match up entirely.
Monday Nitro #162
Date: October 12, 1998
Location: United
Center, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Tony
Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re closing in on Halloween Havoc with the double main
event of Diamond Dallas Page vs. Goldberg for the title and Hogan vs.
Ultimate Warrior in a battle for our sanity. Looking at the card we
don’t have nearly as many matches as usual, which means this might be
a talking heavy show. Oh joy. Let’s get to it.

We open with Bischoff
yelling at a guard, telling him to not let Ric Flair into the
building at any cost. Bischoff goes outside to tell Doug Dillinger
the same, giving him some cops for extra security.
We look at a clip from
last week with what looked like Bret Hart refusing to be put on a
stretcher. Sting however is carted off.
Nitro Girls.
Halloween Havoc ad.
The announcers intro
the show.
We see even more of
Bret vs. Sting brawling last week. Also Bret wants to fight Sting
again at Halloween Havoc.
Video on Bret Hart’s recent heel turn.
Video on the unveiling
of the WCW MasterCard, set to the Hardy Boys’ theme song.
Intro, after ten
minutes of promos and videos.
Here’s another video on
Meng destroying Chris Adams on Thunder. Wrath came out to stop Meng
in a clash of the titans.
Lodi vs. Wrath
Wrath is on a huge
winning streak at this point. The fans are all over Lodi as Wrath
runs him over with a clothesline. We get a mudhole stomping in the
corner followed by a big shoulder tackle. The Meltdown (pumphandle
powerslam) destroys Lodi in about 90 seconds.
Meng comes out to brawl
with Wrath in the aisle but we immediately cut to another video.
This time it’s Reid
Flair taking down Bischoff last week with Arn standing guard. The
NWO came down but got taken out by the Horsemen.
Video on DDP vs.
Kendall Windham vs.
Dale Torborg
This is when Dale is a
member of the pit crew for WCW racing before he became the Demon.
Windham takes him to the floor and sends him into the barricade a few
times. Back in and Kendall keeps pounding away as this is a huge
waste of time so far. Kendall stomps on Dale’s head as the fans want
Goldberg. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Kendall misses a few
elbows. Dale comes back with a dropkick but gets caught in a
swinging neckbreaker. A bulldog is blocked and Torborg hits a
bicycle kick out of nowhere for the pin. Dale appears to have hurt
his knee.
This got four and a half minutes. Let that sink in for a minute when
we don’t have time for something later on tonight. Windham was a
good example of how talent doesn’t always run in the family as he was
nothing compared to Barry. Torborg was nothing special at all but he
kept getting sent out there with various gimmicks.
More Nitro Girls.
Nitro Party winner.
Video from last week of
Goldberg saving Page from Kanyon, Raven and Lodi.
Here’s Sting with
something to say. Last week he and Bret Hart had a war in the back,
but he’s been counting down the days until tonight so he could call
Bret out right now. That’s not all though because he also wants
Hogan right here tonight. Instead he gets the Warrior who talks
about how far a little dab of paint can take you. WCW is Sting’s
battleground but Warrior wants to make a one time request. The fans
are really not in the mood for Warrior tonight as he rambles about
having the will to win one battle at a time. The short version of
this three minute rambling is Warrior wants in on the fight with
Hogan and Hart.
We get the third video
on Goldberg vs. Page of the first hour.
Hour #2 begins so
here’s the Black and White with something to say. They talk about
all the business they have to take care of tonight before Hogan
reminds us that he’s the god of wrestling. Tonight it’s Giant vs.
Goldberg in a No DQ match for the title because Hogan is tired of
Goldberg being a thorn in his side. The challenge for the tag match
is accepted for later tonight but Hogan has to awkwardly pause after
saying ultimate, only to save himself by saying it’ll be the ultimate
encounter. Nice catch.
As the NWO leaves a
security guard tells Bischoff that the Horsemen are inside the
building. Tony: “How did they get in?” Larry: “Through one of
the 25 doors?” Bischoff goes outside and sees a limo pulling up
with Flair inside. So much for being in the building. Flair is with
the owner of the United Center who says the Horsemen will be in a
corporate box with him tonight. Benoit tells Bischoff to talk to the
Video on Hogan vs.
Warrior. This includes the stupid idea of only Hogan being able to
see Warrior in a mirror.
Fit Finlay vs. Alex
This is during a mini
angle over who is the best European wrestler in the company. Wright
runs down the American audience and lists off some European wrestlers
he’s beaten. Alex talks about ending Finlay’s dad’s career, earning
him a forearm to the face. The brawl starts on the floor and Wright
is sent back first into the apron. Back in and Wright gets two off a
sunset flip but Finlay comes back with a short arm clothesline and
the rolling senton. Fit misses a charge into the post but pops right
up to the top, only to jump into a boot. Wright grabs a hot shot and
puts his feet on the ropes for a fast pin.
Post match British
Bulldog comes out to pound on Wright and send him running off.
Parka/Ciclope/Villano V vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr/Psychosis/Super Calo
Chavo is loony by this
point, meaning he has his stick horse Pepe with him. Calo and La
Parka get us going and it’s an early dance off. They hit the ropes
with Villano hitting Calo in the back of the head, allowing La Parka
to take his head off with a clothesline. La Parka accidentally hits
Villano twice in a row, sending him out to the floor for a running
flip dive off the apron from Calo. Everyone unleashes the dives with
everybody being taken out at least once.
Back inside and Calo
misses a moonsault press on Villano and walks into a powerslam for
two. Psychosis breaks it up with a guillotine legdrop and it’s time
for Psychosis vs. La Parka. This is going way too fast to keep up
with. La Parka gets two off a powerslam but here’s Chavo to suplex
La Parka down for the same. Ciclope comes in for a modified Boston
crab on Chavo but Psychosis makes a quick save.
Everything breaks down
again with Chavo and Calo dropkicking Villano and La Parka to the
floor for stereo dives. Psychosis avoids a charge from Ciclope to
send him outside where Psychosis can hit a senton backsplash from the
top. Cue Eddie and the LWO as Chavo hits the tornado DDT on Ciclope
for the pin.
This was almost impossible to keep up with but it was incredibly
entertaining. There’s little more fun than taking six fast guys and
throwing them out there in a meaningless match where they can fly all
around the ring and that’s what WCW let them do. Really fun match
here and a nice breath of fresh air after all the lame talking.
Eddie, along with LWO
members Damien, El Dandy and Hector Garza, get in the ring and
recruit all six guys to join up. They can’t get any respect on their
own but united they can’t be stopped. Eddie challenges any NWO
member to come out here and wrestle like these guys just did. The
only guys from the match in the ring are Chavo and Psychosis but the
other four are listening on the floor. Chavo walks away but
Psychosis puts on the LWO shirt.
Nitro Girls.
Here’s Scott Steiner
for yet another promo. Apparently he’s not getting along with Buff
because of…..wait for it…..Judy Bagwell. Heenan jumps in on
commentary before Scott gets to the ring. Scott talks about carrying
the Steiners like Sammy Sosa is carrying the Chicago Cubs. After
bragging about how awesome he is with women, he talks about having
problems with Buff and his mom. Judy needs to stay in the kitchen
doing the dishes, because he and Buff are just fine.
This brings out Judy
and Buff with the later saying they do have a problem. Scott says
Buff’s problem is he has a bad neck and Scott could snap it at any
time. Buff says he’s been listening to his mom and thinks Scott is
the problem. Steiner threatens to take Buff’s NWO shirt off of him
right now so Buff challenges him to a fight. Judy plays peacekeeper
but Scott calls her an old bag. Scott threatens to slap her and you
know it’s on now. Buff goes after him but Scott hits him low and
drops the bad neck across the top rope.
The Horsemen and the
owner of the building are having a party in the box.
Juventud Guerrera
vs. Prince Iaukea
Before the match here’s
Disco Inferno who says the people are here to see him dance. Iaukea
knocks him off the apron and we’re ready to go. Juvy snaps off a
great headscissors as Kidman comes out to chase Disco off. The Prince gets two off a
rollup and we hit the chinlock. Back up and Juvy hits a Fameasser
for two but misses a dropkick. Here’s Disco again as Prince stops
Juvy with a kick to the face. Guerrera comes back with a springboard
missile dropkick but Disco breaks up the 450. Prince goes after
Disco though, allowing Juvy to hit the Juvy Driver for the pin.
This wasn’t a very good match but it had its moments. The Disco vs.
Kidman stuff was annoying but at least it sets up a title feud down
the line. Juvy continues to be entertaining for the most part while
the Prince is still the same guy that has bored me for years now.
Here’s Kevin Nash with
something to say. He talks about how Hall isn’t around as usual and
how Scott is on his last nerve. Before Nash was a wrestler he was a
bouncer, so he knows a thing or two about being up drunks, so get out
here Scott because it’s last call. Here’s a staggering Hall with a
cup in his hand. He says he’ll fight Nash down here while doing the
crotch chop, drawing Nash up the aisle. They head into the back with
Hall getting into a limo. Nash chases after him in his own car.
TV Title: Chris
Jericho vs. Raven
Jericho is defending.
Raven takes him into the corner but doesn’t go after him. They head
to the floor and again Raven isn’t aggressive at all, allowing the
champion to send him into the barricade for early control. Jericho
brings in a chair but Raven dropkicks it back into his face before
wedging it into the corner. Naturally Raven is the one being sent
into the steel, knocking him out to the floor again. Raven avoids a
charge into the post and they head back inside for the drop toehold
into the chair. Not that it matters as Raven’s Even Flow is
countered into the Liontamer for an immediate submission. Short but
action packed.
Hour #3 begins.
Here’s Rick Steiner to
talk about his upcoming showdown with Scott when he’s interrupted
by….oh dear goodness it’s this show……he’s interrupted by Chucky
from the Child’s Play movies. The doll pops up on the screen and
makes fun of Rick for barking while Chucky is getting to film love
scenes with Jennifer Tilly.
Rick Steiner calls
Chucky down to the ring while Chucky makes mom jokes about Steiner.
Chucky plugs his new movie and praises Scott Steiner as this just
keeps going. This is one of those things that is too stupid for
words and belongs on every stupidest moments ever list. I can’t
believe I’m saying this, but Rick Steiner deserves better than this.
So the announcers have
spent all night talking about a six man tag match between the NWO
factions with Hall and Nash on either side. However, since Hall and
Nash are gone, the match is off because the other four guys can’t
wrestle for some reason. My guess is the match was cut for time due
to a slasher movie villain and a Dale Torborg match.
Or it could be because
of ALL THE FREAKING PROMOS, including this one from Bischoff.
Tonight this isn’t the United Center because it’s the Bischoff
Center. He demands JJ Dillon and Doug Dillinger come to the ring and
demands they take him to the private suite. This turns into a four
minute walk up to the suite and a two minute argument over whether or
not Eric has authority here tonight. Security finally takes him down
and cuffs him. Flair comes out and pours champagne on Bischoff. The
announcers talk about how awesome this is as Bischoff is taken
outside. This somehow took ten minutes in total.
Wait it’s still not
done as Flair dances a bit in front of the box and Bischoff is shown
being taken out in a car, ranting and raving about how awesome he is.
This just went on WAY too long and really didn’t accomplish
anything. This stretched out to nearly fifteen minutes in total.
WCW World Title:
Goldberg vs. The Giant
Goldberg is defending
and Giant is a tag champion but I’ll only refer to Goldberg as
champion here for the sake of simplicity. This is also No DQ. Giant
shoves him around to start and actually dropkicks Goldberg down.
Goldberg no sells some shots to the back and sends Giant face first
into the buckle a few times. A very impressive slam puts Giant down
but here’s Stevie Ray with a chair to the back. That’s no sold but
Goldberg walks into the chokeslam, only to have DDP make the save.
The chokeslam to Page is broken up by a spear and Giant walks out for
the countout, making Goldberg 150-0. This was nothing.
The Horsemen are still
partying. Benoit is smiling, Flair is dancing, Malenko just calmly
raises a beer and nods at the camera.
Nitro Girls again.
Hollywood Hogan/Bret
Hart vs. Warrior/Sting
After some LONG intros
we’re ready to go. Hogan wants Sting to start and that’s what he
gets after Warrior I think blesses the Stinger. As is always the
case, Hogan dominates Sting early with right hands but gets taken
down by a clothesline and an atomic drop. Hogan tags off to Bret and
the stalling commences. Sting pounds him in the corner, drawing in
Hogan to allow Bret to low blow Sting to the mat.
Bret goes into his
usual offense while Warrior is still in his coat and what looks like
jeans on the apron. Hart draws in Warrior to allow a low blow from
Hogan followed by some choking. Back to Hart for a DDT for two in
one of the only wrestling moves so far. A small package gets Sting a
breather but he gets caught in the backbreaker. The middle rope
elbow misses though and it’s hot tag Warrior. Three straight
clotheslines put Hart down so here’s Hogan to hit him from behind.
There’s no effect of course so here’s the NWO for the save and the
What else did you really expect here? I like the idea of putting two
feuds into one match but it doesn’t mean the match is any good.
Warrior was clearly just a vanity project for Hogan and I don’t think
anyone believed the match was going to be good. Horrible “wrestling”
Post match the NWO
throws Warrior to the floor as the smoke fills the ring. Tony: “That
way he can’t disappear.” Warrior whips Hogan with the
weightlifting belt as the show ends.
And that’s being generous. This show was horrible with WAY too much
talking and so much time being wasted on nonsense like the Chucky
segment and matches that did nothing of note at all. Goldberg vs.
Page disappeared after the first hour until they got another three
minutes near the end of the show. You could see the wheels on the
verge of falling off, but 1999 was only going to get worse.
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