Bray Wyatt

Can you help me understand the Wyatts? Don't get me wrong- I enjoy Bray's work on the mic and think that the character is a great idea, but what's their motivation? And more importantly, shouldn't they actually accomplish something at some point? 
So yeah, they beat Kane or whatever, but what happened? He disappeared, then came back as a corporate stooge. Which is the exact opposite of what they should've wanted to happen. Win the battle, lost the war.
So then they set their sights on Danie Bryan. But what then? He infiltrates/turns on them and has the big cage moment win.  Sure, Bray got the win back at Royal Rumble, but Bryan went right back to fighting the machine and starting a by-gawd Hashtag YES Movment that even Michael Cole can get behind. So they failed there, too.
Okay, so they defeated the Shield-which was awesome-but the Shield is eating itself from the inside. Shouldn't Bray have had something to do with that? Why not make him the devil on Ambrose's shoulder, as opposed to "People (::cough::JBL::cough::) sayyou don't defend the US Title enough"?
And now it's Cena/Bray at WM, even if that makes no sense, and we all know that Cena can't actually lose there, so what's the endgame?
Can the Wyatts actually stay over as "the group that targets you, rants about changing your character, beats you in match after match, doesn't actually change you, and then moves on to the next target?"  Isn't that kind of dumb? I realize that the face reactions aren't helping, and I realize Bray is awesome enough to keep some momentum for a while, but sooner or later shouldn't he be adding people to the family? Not a full-on Ravens Flock/Ministry of Darkness, but ….something? Anything?
Also, Rowan and Harper kind of suck.

I too am kind of bothered by their lack of motivation.  It's like Jake Roberts promos without the follow-up.  Although Harper definitely does not suck.