RAW QOTD: Can’t Please Everyone

Right now, the Chicago Objectives list is out (see below).  We want CM Punk back.  And we want Daniel Bryan in the main event.

So what happens if you get CM Punk back and they put him in the main event instead of Daniel Bryan?  How would Chicago react to that?  How would you react to that?

Remember, if the Internet is to be believed, CM Punk left because he feels he deserves a main event opportunity and won’t get it.  So odds are if he’s coming back, it’s to be in the main event of WrestleMania.  And we all know he’d be there at Daniel Bryan’s expense.

(Interestingly, if the WWE canonizes this, they could possibly kill the hijacking.  “Oh, you want CM Punk back and you want Daniel Bryan in the main event?  CHOOSE.  Because you can’t have both.”)

So discuss.