Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well tonight might be the most anticipated RAW on the internets since….since….maybe since after the 1997 Survivor Series? Who knows what the hell is going to happen tonight. It’s 5:52 EST as I type this and I bet you house money they are still re-writing this damn show.

One of the comments said that tonight’s thread will be a new record. Well in the words of Mae Young I say “Bring it Motherf*****s!” I want 5,000 tonight. And I don’t mean a bunch of crap posts and links to gifs of A.J.’s ass. I want 5,000 real posts on the stuff you are seeing whatever the hell it is.

Loving the WWE Network. Actually got the speed of the network at the house bumped up to support three people streaming stuff at the same time on rare occasion. Still thinking about going somewhere to watch Wrestlemania though because I don’t want to deal with streaming issues while trying to help organize the threads. On that note it seems like people want hourly threads so we’ll have one from 7-8, 8-9, 9-10 and 10-11. Over the last 4-5 Wrestlemania the top of the hour has been filler or the start of the new match so we shouldn’t experience crossover.

Watching Wrestlemania XIV and it’s actually a little better than I remember in some spots, Watched Wrestlewar 1992 as well. And I saw NXT Arrival the day after and what a fun, well worked show. The small crowd gave it a really nice, old-school feeling. It was like mid-90s ECW if ECW had super clean production and HD cameras. I hadn’t watched very much NXT so the characters were new to me. Loved the Zayn-Cesaro match, loved Ascension, thought the women’s match was the best non-Japanese match I’ve seen since one of the many Mickie-Trish encounters. Nice to see women that can actually work. Certain things, like Emma’s dancing gimmick probably work better in a smaller audience than a big crowd but we’ll see. The whole thing was what I want out of a PPV. Good matches, clean finishes, good flow, sensible booking.

That’s all I have, you guys enjoy the show…whatever comes of it…and come out swinging but keep it clean!