Is the crowd a draw?

I pretty much quit watching WWE over the summer for the first time in a long time, but have continued reading your RAW recaps and seeing occasional things on social media, etc.  Ever since the Royal Rumble, I have found myself watching at least a portion of RAW every week in anticipation of the "WWE Universe" hijacking the show.  Any time Batista is on TV, I put down the remote and it's got nothing to do with him.  It goes without saying I've got Monday's RAW from Chicago already set to record.

Am I the only person who is compelled to watch the current product solely to hear the fans crap on it?  Because to me the ONLY compelling question about WrestleMania is "Will the crowd hijack the main event?"  But it's still enough to get me to watch the show.

I do kind of wonder if Punk returning on Monday will be something of a disappointment for people waiting for the giant trainwreck to occur.  Even moreso if they actually manage to save the Wrestlemania main event by putting Punk into it as a three-way and putting him over.