Angle Back to WWE in SEPT???

This next rumor making the rounds is Angle claiming he will be WWE bound in September, as this is when his current TNA contract expires. No mention of a no-compete clause. Few things….
Is he welcome back…..
Does he pass the physical……
Where would he fit in if active……

Should he return an active performer, obviously the clock would be ticking. Who would you prefer to see him dance with and in what capacity, assuming his activity would be regulated?
A handful I'd like to throw out there, for one time nostalgia matches, are HHH, Taker, Cena & Batista, all money main event matches.
If available, I'd most prefer to see Punk, Lesnar, Bryan, & Cesaro involved with Angle in a short series of matches where a "rubber" match is needed. Assuming The Shield folds, throw in Reigns.
And to close things out, find a few super friends to battle the Wyatts with. Maybe tag with guys like Big E, Swagger & Henry, bring back Team Angle, or go all out and tag with Cena & Sheamus.
Either way, his time is limited, but there's a dozen fine looking matches right there.
Angle vs Bryan, right now, would get mad buzz, maybe the most,
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He's not welcome back and there's no way in hell he'd pass the physical, so I don't know why he'd even bother.  He's floated the same rumor many times in the past.