Thunder – October 8, 1998

October 8, 1998
Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lee Marshall, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main stories coming into this week are Bret Hart and Sting having a
big old fight in the back to close out Nitro and Eric Bischoff
apparently going completely insane because he’s the only person that
didn’t see Warrior in Hollywood Hogan’s mirror. We’re still on what
feels like an eternal road to Halloween Havoc so let’s get to it.

open with the laughter and Tony trying to find out what it is.
Tenay is going to a bar forty miles away from the arena tonight to
meet with Scott Hall. We go to the bar where Hall says Nash knows
where he is tonight and can come find him if he wants. They used to
hang out at a place called the Meridian and Nash can come down here
anytime. Hall implies that Nash should drop the Wolfpack and just be
the Outsiders again.
limo is seen leaving the arena, presumably with Nash inside.
vs. Prince Iaukea
does his Who Better Than Kanyon bit and complains when the crowd
doesn’t say no one. The Prince is quickly sent down but Kanyon bails
to the ropes when he comes back up. Iaukea hits a spin kick to send
Kanyon to the floor and hits another one off the apron in a nice
spot. Back in and the Prince gets crotched on the top, setting up a
neckbreaker out of the corner for two.
resembling a Fameasser gets two more, followed by another neckbreaker
and a fireman’s carry pancake. All Kanyon for the most part as the
announcers ignore the match and talk about Nash chasing Hall. We hit
the chinlock for a bit before the Prince grabs a dragon screw leg
whip to take Kanyon down. Iaukea goes up top but jumps onto Kanyon’s
back and gets slammed back first onto the mat. The Flatliner ends it
a few seconds later.
D+. This didn’t do it for me
but I’ve seen worse. Iaukea continues to be one of the least
interesting wrestlers I’ve ever seen as there’s just nothing special
about him. Kanyon is kind of all over the place anymore as he’ll
squash a jobber one week, then get crushed by Goldberg, then be
Raven’s lackey. I’m surprised he hasn’t gone towards a midcard title
Jericho is outside a locker room yelling for Goldberg.
Steiner video.
are Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell with something to say. Buff
doesn’t want to live there so the fans need to sit down and shut up.
The Halloween Havoc match against Rick isn’t happening because Rick
is scared. That’s quite the announcement. Scott grabs the mic and
yells at Buff for allowing his mom to show up and embarrass the NWO
on Monday. Buff gets in Scott’s face and blames his neck injury on
Steiner. He’s tired of it always being about Scott and walks out.
Manning is here.
Flynn vs. Meng
do you expect here? Meng no sells everything and pounds Jerry down
in the corner until Flynn comes back with a kick and cross body for
two. Another kick is blocked and the Tongan Death Grip is good for
the easy win.
yells at Goldberg and hides behind security. Goldberg isn’t on
hasn’t gotten out of the ring yet when Chris Adams comes out for his
match and gets destroyed for his efforts. This brings out Wrath to
pull Meng off and the monsters brawl. They head outside with Meng
getting hit by a chair but throwing Wrath over the barricade. That
could be a good blowoff match.
Horsemen are here and immediately handed restraining orders. Dean
isn’t given one so here’s JJ Dillon to say that if Dean stays then
all of the Horsemen stay. The Horsemen leave and Dean stays as the
Horsemen continue to look worthless half the time.
Magnum vs. El Dandy
grabs an armbar to start but gets taken down by a sunset flip for
two. The fans aren’t exactly thrilled by this. A hard slap puts
Tokyo down but Magnum comes
back with a dropkick. Dandy suplexes him down and the laughter
starts up again. Dandy hammers away and they chop each other a lot
as this is going nowhere. Cue Scott Norton to destroy both guys and
the match is thrown out.
break Eddie Guerrero and his LWO lackeys are in the ring. Eddie
accuses Bischoff of sending Norton out there and asks El Dandy to
join the team. Magnum tries to get in on this too but is shot down
because he’s Japanese. Dandy agree and puts on the LWO shirt.
vs. Scott Putski
trade armbars to start until Saturn takes him to the mat with amateur
stuff. Putski stis out in a nice move and blasts Saturn in the ribs
with a kick to take over. Saturn pops back up and runs Putski over
before firing off some nice kicks to the ribs and head. Back to the
armbar but Putski sends him
into the corner and clotheslines him out to the floor. Saturn goes
into the barricade and Putski stomps away back inside.
hammers away again with another clothesline and puts on a sleeper.
Saturn quickly breaks it up with a jawbreaker and goes off on Putski
with kicks and a quick suplex. A top rope knee drop gets two on
Scott but he comes back with a nice powerslam for a near fall of his
own. Saturn ducks an ax handle and suplexes Putski down again. The
Death Valley Driver ends Putski with far less ease than expected.
C. Better match than I was
expecting here but like Kanyon, why was Saturn never allowed to go
after the US Title or something like that? He was having good
matches and interesting stories, but I guess there was no interest
because he wasn’t in an NWO shirt. Putski had a decent look and
wasn’t half bad in the ring actually.
Disciple with something to say. He goes on a horrible rambling
speech about Hogan not making his career and how Hogan has turned WCW
into his playground. Disciple calls out Horace Hogan, saying Horace
doesn’t deserve a job. Cue Horace for a match. Oh joy.
vs. Disciple
jumps him but gets his eyes raked to slow him down. A neckbreaker
puts Horace down for two but he comes back with a belly to belly
suplex. Disciple no sells it and comes back with a ridiculously slow
Stunner for the pin. To clarify, they’re fighting over whose career
Hogan made less, but guys like Juvy, Kidman and about 30 other
talented guys can’t get a two minute match.
jumps him post match.
video for Warrior vs. Hogan.
Jericho in the ring to call out Goldberg. First off, Jericho says
get well Brian and come back soon, referring to Brian Hildebrand,
more commonly known as referee Mark Curtis, who is fighting cancer.
Jericho says Goldberg is more green than gold, so get out here right
now. There’s no Goldberg so Jericho says start counting and declares
himself the winner by countout.
Hart comes out and tells Tony he can take care of this by himself.
He’s been waiting a long time to face Sting and wants a match with
him at Halloween Havoc. Sting better bring everything he’s
got….and that’s it.
Dean Malenko to sit in a chair in the middle of the ring. Bischoff
seems to have forgotten about him but he’s not leaving until he gets
a match. Cue Eric who gives Dean the Barbarian. On the way to the
ring, Eric asks Jimmy Hart what Barbarian makes. Jimmy says $500,000
(!) and Eric offers to double it if Barbarian wins.
Malenko vs. Barbarian
goes right after Dean and Eric sits in on commentary. All monster to
start with stomps, slams and punches. Dean’s comeback is easily
stymied as he’s rammed into the corner to block a suplex attempt.
Barbarian’s superplex is countered as well and Dean scores with a
missile dropkick. Jimmy tries to interfere but Barbarian
accidentally runs him over, setting up the Cloverleaf for the quick
submission. Bischoff freaks
out and beats on Schiavone with some papers.
vs. Page video.
laughter starts up again as Raven comes out with something to say.
He wants to know why DDP gets all this attention and no one worries
about him. Page pops up and says he’ll bang Raven.
Dallas Page vs. Raven
chokes Page to start and blocks an early Diamond Cutter attempt. A
suplex gets two and Page is sent into the buckle for a stomping.
We’re already in the chinlock and Raven actually gets a two count off
the hold. Page fights up but gets kneed in the ribs and sent outside
where Raven grabs a chair.
tries to wrap Page’s legs around the post but gets pulled face first
into the steel in the most common counter. Inside again and Raven
comes back with the drop toehold onto the chair. Cue Lodi but Page
rams Raven into him and gets two off a clothesline. A chair to
Raven’s back sets up a suplex but Raven comes right back with a drop
toehold into the buckle. Raven throws on a sleeper but Page counters
into a quick Diamond Cutter for the pin.
C-. Not bad here but it doesn’t
work as well without the backstory that made their earlier matches
great. Raven’s free fall continues which is a shame as we have to
sit through Disciple getting a push because he used to be a midcard
star nine years ago. The match was fine for five minutes but at this
point I’d give a passing grade to anything decent.
Ray vs. Lex Luger
your main event people and it’s already after 10pm. Tony tells us
that a MAJOR Hollywood star will appear on Nitro. They pose at each
other to start before hitting each other with a basic move and posing
some more. Luger takes over with a quick slam and a clothesline but
walks into an elbow and kick to the face. Vincent gets in a few
cheap shots on the floor and Stevie hooks a chinlock.
quickly fights out and scores with a suplex, only to get caught in a
quick jawbreaker. The Slap
Jack is countered with a backdrop and Luger goes into the same
sequence he’s used for ten years. He loads up the Rack but here’s
Hall to jump him. Lex fires back with right hands but Stevie hits
him with the slap jack (weapon) for the DQ.
D. I’ve got nothing left and
this was a dull match with a lame ending.
tries to come out for the save but gets laid out. Hall says he
fooled Nash and does the
Survey to finally end this show.
F. This was AWFUL and
one of the biggest waste of time I can remember in years. The most
interesting thing all night was Meng fighting with Wrath. Think
about that. MENG was the highlight of a show. The Horsemen look
like nothing, there was almost no star power doing anything of note
and the wrestling was so uninteresting I could barely sit through the
show. This had me longing for a Hogan promo so I could at least have
something to laugh at. It’s a terrible show and Havoc needs to get
here so we can move on to ANYTHING else.

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