A Better Wrestlemania Main Event Plug


> Most of us think that there are better options for the main event of

> Wrestlemania XXX than Randy Orton defending against Batista. But

> exactly how many are there? That is what I would like your readers to

> help me find out.


> I whomped up a program to randomly match up an Elimination Chamber

> participant (the champion heading into Wrestlemania) against a Royal

> Rumble participant (the challenger) 177 different possibilities for

> the Wrestlemania XXX main event. With a click of a button, you choose

> whether you believe that this matchup would be a better main event, a

> worse main event, or that you have no opinion. Every new vote will

> bring up a new matchup, and after you've voted at least once, you will

> be able to see all of the results in real time as voted upon by your

> peers.


> Anyway, if you feel like wasting some time to give us some data

> points, you can access from

> http://www.joepetrow.com/betterthanortonbastista/


> Vote early and vote often!


> – Joe

Cesaro defending against El Torito was my fave.