Question – NXT

Hey Scott,
One of my favorite things to read on the site over the last few months has been your NXT recaps.  Now that I have the WWEN and can watch it (and since it's pretty clear that they're going to ruin everything great about NXT) I want to see all the good stuff I've only read about.  Where should I go back to, and other to the Sami/Cesaro matches, what's the really "can't miss" stuff?
NXT isn't really a show with a bunch of "can't miss" moments.  Certainly the Zayn/Cesaro match was a clear highlight, but the charm of the show is more in the week-to-week continuity and building of the characters before your eyes.  There's no "must see" Tyler Breeze match, but I like watching his entrance and schtick because it feels comfortable and familiar after a while.  Mojo Rawley is terrible, but it's fun to watch him develop literally from the ground up because WWE is REALLY high on him and he's going to be pushed as a star when he comes up.  Plus the stories are simple and motivations tend to make sense and not change from week to week, so it's a really easy show to sit and watch.  Plus there's no one to protect, so finishes are clean for the most part.  
I will warn you that for about the past two months now the show has been getting more and more RAW-like because they're paying attention to it now and "fixing" the "problems" that the show apparently had. So we're getting multiple authority figures, distraction finishes and other screwjob endings, wacky backstage skits and other froo-froo that I really hate seeing on Mondays and hate even more when it ruins this show.  And Bo Dallas is BEYOND stale as champion and needs to go, although I don't think Adrian Neville is the solution.