Random Questions

Scott, I have a few random questions based off of shows I've watched on the network.

1.  Did the NWA use The Great Muta to his fullest potential in 1989?  After watching The Bash & Halloween Havoc it seems to me that Muta could have been a big time player.  What happened?

2.  How long was Jim Ross a booker in NWA/WCW?  Does he get the credit he deserves or was his time as booker not very memorable?

3.  Does the Dangerous Alliance get enough credit for being awesome?  They were an awesome group, booked to look awesome, and the angle dominated the first 5 months of 1992.  I would think it has to be one of the all time great "stables"?

4.  What was up with Triple H at wrestlemania 26?  For as much as we all complain about him hogging the spotlight – he sure didn't that year.  He wrestled a mid-card match against Shameus that didn't take up much time on the ppv or if I recall correctly very much tv time leading into the event.  How did we get so lucky???

1.  Well, see, Muta is Japanese, and he could never get over with US audiences as a result according to Ole Anderson, so he was cut in early 1990 to save money.   He literally could have been World champion with Gary Hart and especially Terry Funk talking for him.  Fans loved him, he was an awesome elite level worker, and the top guys loved to work with him.  
2.  He wasn't really ever booker, he was part of a committee.  I'd call it not very memorable because he was mostly caught between the bigger booking eras.  
3.  You are correct, it was awesome and it got all kinds of love at the time.  Sadly it kind of fizzled out after Wargames, but that's why Wargames is such an effective blowoff.  Plus the self-destruction with Paul E v. Madusa was tremendously entertaining.
4.  He was off dealing with his younglings for most of that year, as I recall, and just wanted to make Sheamus a bigger star.  By, you know, beating him at Wrestlemania.   Because HHH.