Elimination Chamber question

Hey Scott.  Long time listener, first time caller… or something like that.

I've got an Elimination Chamber question for you.  I was just wondering how much practice, if any, the wrestlers get in the actual chamber before the pay-per-view.  Do they have that thing set up somewhere in secret, so the guys can test out some of the biggest spots, or do the wrestlers just talk it over before the show and hope everything works out?

I'm thinking about moments like when Rey Mysterio is thrown towards the wall, only to catch himself like Spider-Man and bounce right back at his opponent.  That seems like something Rey would want to try out ahead of time, just to make sure he could reliably do it.

But then in a recent interview HHH said something along the lines of "First timers often have plans for big spots, but then early on in the actual match they take a bump over the ropes and onto the steel floor, and they're so shocked by how much it hurts that they end up abandoning some of the crazier ideas they may have had".  So he makes it sound like they don't give the wrestlers much of a chance to test out the chamber before they go live.

What made me think of this was that I'm assuming Cesaro has something special planned for his first chamber match, to keep his streak of awesome performances rolling along.  Do you think he'll get a chance to try anything out before Sunday?


The chamber itself is shocking expensive to set up and maintain, so I doubt they get much, if any, time to practice in it.  They might have mock-ups around the Performance Center or something, but I would tend to think HHH is telling the truth.  You hear from a lot of the guys that the steel is surprisingly painful and you also hear of a lot of bumps and bruises taken due to not knowing how to bump on it properly.  
This would of course raise the question of WHY they continue using it then.