Questions for blog

Hey scott a couple of quick questions

1. I was just watching the Austin Kane first blood title match from KOTR 98 and was baffled by the booking. You put Austin in a match in which he basically is guaranteed to lose based on Kane’s mask, but then the next night you put the title right back on him? Was this to test the waters with Kane as champ and they changed their mind quickly or was it some sort of weird punishment for Austin? The booking was just plain odd.
2. It appears as though Roman Reigns is the next big star of the company, however I believe Dean Ambrose has just as much ability and just seems so much more seasoned. Do they have big plans for him? I truly believe he would make an amazing heel WWE champion but for some reason I get the feeling the WWE isn’t as high on him.
3. I just heard the WWE is going to edit out chair shots from all old pay per views on the network? What the hell is that about?

1.  They tried to pop a big rating, and they sure as hell accomplished it. 
2.  You have to understand that they consider Roman to be the next The Rock, so anyone next to him is going to suffer a bit.  They like Dean just fine.  
3.  Keller speculating based on what they do on the YouTubes, nothing more.  Yet.