Extreme Rules 2012

Dear Scott:
So I recently rewatched the main event to Extreme Rules 2012. What was up with that weird promo John Cena cut at the end of the show? It was an oddly placed speech about going home and getting in trouble with the boss, but I remember Cena doing pretty much the same things Cena always does soon afterwards. Any ideas on why that promo happened or what it was supposed to accomplish? 

Far as I can remember it was just Cena going into business for himself with the vague idea of taking a few weeks off and building to a rematch.  Here's the Observer on the subject:
"In addition, when he was given the finish, he was told he was being protected because he was destroying Cena, that Cena would get the win, collapse, and have to be helped out of the ring and left for dead. Instead, Cena did a weird promo that based on what we were told, he was not authorized to do. Everyone backstage, including Vince McMahon either had no idea what he was doing (and it was not in the script for the show), or maybe Vince knew and was pretending. But given how it turned out, I’d bet on the former. In the interview, Cena talked about how much he gave for the match, and he did, how he was now going on vacation for a while. He talked about how everyone in WWE, good guys, bad guys, big guys and small guys, do everything they can to entertain you people. He said he was proud he could have a match like this in Chicago, and that if he’s leaving for a while, he wouldn't want to have gone out any other way."
Clearly that time off didn't happen.  Maybe he was just knocked goofy?  I don't think it was ever established for sure what the intention was.