Sub par DVD releases on purpose?

It has been said before that WWE doesn't try as hard on PPV like they used to because PPV is not the basket where they're putting all their eggs in anymore. Does the same hold true for their DVD releases? I can't say for sure they are intentionally tanking them but the match listings for the past few sets have been pretty weak, almost to the point that it looks like no effort was put into picking the matches. Thoughts?

I don't think they're intentionally tanking anything, but the problem is that the longer we go into the corporate era, the further we get from having the people in charge who actually care about wrestling history enough to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff with these things.  Yeah, you have people like Howard Finkel still kicking around, but for the most part it comes down to bean-counters dictating what costs the least in music rights and editing, and match quality and/or historical value seems to be a secondary consideration.  If they can save a buck by recycling Savage/Steamboat, Shawn/Razor and Bret/Davey Boy yet again, they will, because these things are almost all profit and that's what they're about now.  Frankly I'm shocked they haven't released Best of Previous DVD Releases yet, featuring:
Shawn v. Razor ladder match
Savage v. Steamboat WM3
Hogan v. Andre WM3
Bret v. Davey from Wembley
Bret v. Owen cage match
Cena v. Punk from MITB
Undertaker v. Shawn (pick one)
Undertaker v. Mankind HITC
I mean, yeah, you'd get a hell of a DVD, but GEEZ.  Enough already.