WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event November 2nd, 1985

November 2, 1985
Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon
Tonight, we will have contests between teams captained by Bobby Heenan and Capt. Lou Albano. Plus, JYD vs. Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd.

Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Junkyard Dog
JYD pulls Funk into the ring then bounces him up and down on the ropes. Funk retreats to the aisle with Hart before re-entering the ring. Funk hits a slam but misses an elbow drop. JYD slams him then tosses him over the top rope. Funk takes his time then goes back into the ring where JYD hits another slam and follows that up with headbutts. A JYD chant breaks out as Funk regroups outside. JYD goes after Hart and grabs him outside. Funk chases after him but gets backdropped onto the floor. Back in the ring, Funk punches away and eventually knocks him down, getting two. He catches JYD in a sleeper as Hart jumps up on the apron. JYD breaks free and drags Hart into the ring but Funk grabs the microphone and hits JYD behind the ref’s back and gets the win (5:16) *1/2. Funk grabs his branding iron but JYD stops him and takes it. He then grabs Hart and punches him down then yanks off his pants then eventually brands Hart on the ass.
Thoughts: Good match. Funk took all sorts of crazy bumps and the fans loved every second of the match, especially when JYD got his revenge at the end. This was one of the main feuds in the company at the time.
It’s now time for the pie eating contest. Heenan’s team features Randy Savage and Elizabeth, who is looking mighty fine in her Jane costume, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, and King Kong Bundy. Albano has Hulk Hogan, Tito Santana, and the Hillbillies. The pie eating contest features Albano vs. Bundy with whoever eats the most pies in 90 seconds winning. Albano wins but Bundy is pissed and slams a pie in Albano’s face.
Piper’s Pit with guests Uncle Elmer, Cousin Junior, and Hillbilly Jim, who are angry over Piper’s behavior at Elmer’s wedding from last month’s show. Piper starts by ragging on the Hillbillies and is pretty funny. He asks Elmer if he has thought about family planning at all but he just says that it is none of his business then tells him to shut his mouth. Jim gets up and is angry about what Piper said to Elmer. Piper said that he didn’t say it but Jesse Ventura did and that prompts Jim to tell Jesse to say it to his face. Jesse comes down from the announcers table and jaws at the Hillbillies and this leads to Oron crouching down behind Junior and Piper shoving him down. The heels bail as Elmer and Jim stomp on Jesse’s hat in the ring.
Now, it’s time for the “Pumpkin Dunk,” between Cousin Junior and Bobby Heenan. The camera is showing the back of Liz and it is wonderful. What a body on her. Anyway, Heenan wins as the heels celebrate. A Harmless segment.
Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant w/ Capt. Lou Albano
The crowd is jacked for this match. Bundy and Hogan collide to start. Hogan takes Bundy down with a jumping knee smash then tries to slam Bundy, who grabs the ropes. Hogan hits a corner clothesline on Bundy then tags Andre, who chokes out Bundy with his straps. Hogan tags right back in and hits a double axe handle but Studd grabs him and Hogan gets double-teamed in the corner. Studd works on Hogan as Jesse challenges the Hillbillies to a match at the next SNME. The match breaks down as Andre accidentally takes out the referee. The heels bail as we wait for a replacement referee. Back from break, Andre grabs Studd in a bearhug.  Hogan tags and clotheslines Studd then tags Andre back in and he takes down Studd with a big boot. Bundy attacks Andre from behind and he gets caught in the ropes. Bundy then attacks Hogan as the heels beat on Andre who is still in the ropes as the ref signals for the DQ (8:00) **. Okerlund comes into the ring after the match as Andre wants them to come back in the ring.
Thoughts: Fun match. The crowd was red-hot for the entire match, which was worked at a nice pace. It also continues the feud.
We now get to see the “Land of 1,000 Dances” music video featuring all of the WWF Superstars. This video was shown in a loop on MTV too. It was all harmless fun.
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth vs. Tito Santana (Champion)
Funny moment before the match when Okerlund was checking out Elizabeth as she was walking to the ring after their interview, Vince started to yell at him. Jesse refers to Santana as “Chico” here as Savage stalls, pissing off the crowd in the process. They fight against the ropes until Savage knocks Tito down with a right hand. Savage drops a knee but Tito comes back with a hip toss. Tito then misses an elbow drop and Savage hits a double axe handle for two. He has Tito in a chinlock then picks him up for a slam. Savage comes off the top but Tito catches him with a shot to the stomach. Tito hits a knee lift then fires away. Savage slides out of the ring and Tito follows him and they start to brawl outside until the match is ruled a double count out (4:08) **.
Thoughts: Fun match, with Savage working at a lightning-quick pace. This also started the feud between both guys.
Next, is a ridiculous segment with Mr. Fuji and Steamboat preparing for their “Kung Fu Challenge” match by making ridiculous noises.
They show Piper at home with Vince McMahon. Piper is wrapping up bricks and bowling balls to pass off as candy then invites some trick-or-treaters to his house. He makes fun of a kid wearing a Hulk Hogan costume then when they leave, we learn that they gave Roddy chocolate-covered hot peppers as Roddy eats them and starts to gag, with Vince laughing hysterically.
Kung Fu Challenge Match
Mr. Fuji w/ Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat blocks some chops and kicks before taking him down with an enziguiri. Fuji comes back with a kick to the thigh then chops him down. Steamboat fights back with chops and kicks until Fuji takes him down with a throat thrust. Steamboat blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Steamboat then heads up top and connects with a missile dropkick for the win (3:16) ¾*. After the match, Muraco comes in and destroys Steamboat as Fuji eventually joins in on the assault.
Thoughts: Basic match that served the purpose of continuing the Muraco/Steamboat feud. Not much to report other than that.
And now, it is time for the Pumpkin Pass, with the series tied at one a piece. The faces start out and have 5 successful passes. The heels go next but can only get four as Elizabeth dropped the pumpkin. Luckily, the camera focused on her ass during her turn. After they lose, Savage berates Elizabeth for losing the series.
The show closes with Jesse stating that at the next SNME, he and Piper will face off against the Hillibillies.
Final Thoughts: I though that this was a pretty good show that was heavy on star power. The Halloween theme was funny at times and slightly corny at it’s worst .They had only four matches but three of them were high profile and they all served a purpose as there were no throwaway matches on this show. Piper was a riot throughout the whole show too. A fun show and one of the more enjoyable episodes of SNME.