Is our attention span really that bad?


Before the WWE Network starts up, I’ve been watching Raws from 1999 (yes, I’m an Attitude Era kid and I couldn’t wait!) and it’s dawned on me that things built for a hell of a lot longer back then than they do now (yes, I’ve realised this for a while now, but watching these old shows back REALLY highlights it).

For example, X-Pac is teaming with Kane, who may or may not be realigning himself with The Undertaker again. At the same time as this, X-Pac and Road Dogg are feuding with Billy and Chyna over the DX rights. AT THE SAME TIME as this, Billy is helping Triple H beat on The Rock at every opportunity – which in turn leads to a Rock/Billy feud and match at Summerslam (the attempt to elevate Billy that didn’t seem to work out).

As history shows, X-Pac would go onto team with Kane against Undertaker and Big Show (who Kane was feuding with around the time of the previous paragraph’s events)… this all ties up really nicely, makes sense and was exciting. All of that stuff happened in July ’99 and led to things in late August ’99… this just doesn’t seem to happen now…

So, I suppose my question(s) is why do we not get that sort of build now (apart from the main feud of the day e.g Cena/Orton)? Why do we get these short-term things that last for a few weeks instead of a couple of months of a feud that grabs our attention? Why do we not get things connecting and intertwining anymore? Is it just assumed that we can’t keep up with something that twists and turns before a satisfying pay-off?? Or have the writers got too many hours of TV to cover (y’know, that excuse)?

Keep up the great work,

It’s not an excuse, it’s stone cold reality.  The writers are overworked and burned out, period.