Dolph Ziggler


Just read an article on (by Chris Cash, I think) regarding Dolph Ziggler being close to getting the tag of ‘buried’ (I realise that everyone ignorantly uses this term from time to time about everyone) and it got me thinking of the last few weeks.

For a long, loooooong time now Dolph has been losing more often than not, but it seems that since his WWE App rant he’s been punished even more – FED to the Wyatts on Raw; FED to The Shield on Smackdown; FED to Del Rio on Raw; apparently, losing in the dark match of Smackdown this week, too…

In your opinion, was Dolph’s promo a shoot or worked shoot (would he have been allowed to vent in such a way)? It would seem that it was an actual release of frustration; then he seems to have been punished in the above ways since…

Will that promo go anywhere? Is Dolph being punished for it? Is the talk of a disgruntled Dolph/Miz team a possibility? What do you make of Dolph’s recent past?

Keep up the good work!

I think Dolph is being kind of an idiot about the whole deal, but on the flip side the roster is so thin right now on top and management should just be the bigger person and push him anyway.  Best for business and all that.  It makes them look really, really petty to be doing what they are.   Plus they book guys on these losing streak gimmicks and they NEVER lead anywhere.  The one time they booked a guy on a WIN streak they damn near turned Ryback into a DRAW.   Putting anyone with Miz is just going to make them look like a huge loser by association.