QOTD 99: Jumped The Shark When?

When did your favorite shows, movies, comic book series, or interests ‘Jump The Shark’? 

I’d say right around QOTD 46 for me.

 <Spoiler Warning>

 Dexter: “Lets kill that character the audience doesn’t like, but is important to the actual story” as the Season 4 finale.

Entourage: This is weird, Season 6 jumped the shark after the *awesome* season 5, then 7 and 8 kind of got it back on the proverbial wagon.

Happy Days: That time Mork and Mindy were on the show.

The Attitude Era: “What?” “What?” “What?” also that time Torrie Wilson’s dad boinked…I can’t remember who.

The West Wing: The kidnapping