Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito
Amazing, mind blowing match that has a legit shot at MOTY.

Jesus, and this was just this morning, too!  People are FAST with this stuff.
So people who are thinking that Sheamus and Cesaro forearm-ing each other for 15 minutes sounds like a fun time should probably check this one out because it's awesome.  Ishii is one surly fucker and Naito is always pretty great and they were just unloading on each other here.  I loved all the little touches too, like the guys deliberately missing spots because they're so tired and beat up, and Ishii putting the quality badmouth on him in the corner with "WHO'S THE CHAMPION NOW?"  Plus they had me with the Last Ride – Double Lariat sequence and I was totally buying it as the finish.  I'd go ****1/2 all day.