The Hall of Fame

Hey Scott,

A point got brought up on the blog today about the HOF running wild with inductions. How much longer do you think the WWE can keep up this level of inductions with the level of names they're choosing?

And how many more people need to be inducted before we're "Caught Up" to the current roster. 20? 30?
It's not even a real Hall of Fame, it really doesn't matter.  Any Hall that omits Randy Savage isn't worth being taken seriously anyway.  I'm sure they can dig up midcard names for years.  There's still Honky Tonk Man, Kim Chee, Virgil, Skinner, Abe Knuckleball Schwartz, Braden Walker, The Boogieman, Doink the Clown and a host of others that they can induct for a cheap payday first.