Sting Booking?

Ok, so Sting coming back is pretty much a given at this point? And everyones talking about how to book, so heres my idea:
I think WWE needs to move FORWARD with Stings character, not just play off nostalgia so heres my idea. After the Wrestlemania match, Undertaker beats Brock and everyone is going nuts, he kneels down as his iconic music plays and when the lights come back on Undertaker grabs his neck in surprise Announcers are like “what is going on?” “I think I just seen a bee?” Then over the coming weeks Undertaker keeps getting stung by bees but no one knows who is doing it until Vince Mcmahon comes in and is like “Oh so you got STUNG huh? That must really STING” And then Undertaker puts two and two together and becomes detective Undertaker and figures out that Sting is controlling the bees and is sending a message Could easily stretch this out throughout the whole year, with Undertaker appearing at RAW every week and grabbing his arm, or putting sting ointment on it etc going on wikipedia and researching bees Then at Wrestlemania Undertaker turns the tides and pours the urn on sting, which was actually full of honey all along and all the Bees sting Sting and Undertaker wins.


Two billion network subscriptions!