Favorite sell

Maybe this has been brought up at some point, but is there any trademark sell/bump of a particular move by a particular guy that you really loved? Or ones that you hated?

For instance, I'm not a huge RVD fan, but I always loved his spike sell of the DDT where he would plant himself vertically into the ground. It always looked devastating and you could totally buy the ensuing pin as the finish. Jeff Hardy planting him at Invasion immediately comes to mind. I remember jumping off the couch when RVD took the same spike bump off an RKO. I also thought Rock's backflip bump off the spear was magic. Shame that he didn't get to take Reigns'.

I hated Scott Hall's stunner sell where he wouldn't drop down to his knees but spring back like he had been hit with a master Jedi force burst. I find it somewhat strange that a lot of people seem to like that one.

And in spite of Austin and Jericho making fun of it on Austin's latest dvd set, I always loved Vince's senior citizen stunner sell, where it looked like he would die upon impact and collapse like a frozen corpse across Steve's shoulder. Oddly enough, it may be my personal favorite stunner "sell" outside of the Rock's.

Sure, I always loved Marty Jannetty's 360 flip sell of a clothesline, as I'm sure everyone has figured out by now.  Also love Hennig's trademark "take a catapult into the post" spot, contrived as it sometimes was.  I'm also a fan of the All Japan Clothesline Sell, where the guy gets knocked into next week but he's just so pissed that off that he pops up and unleashes a lariat on his opponent before falling dead again.  
And of course Rock's selling of the Stunner is the best thing ever.