BoD Daily Update

Potential WWE On-Screen Role For Sting

If Sting does in fact choose to sign with the WWE, one idea being pitched is for him to be the RAW GM.

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Fans Chant for CM Punk at Last Night’s NXT Taping

At last night’s tapings, there were loud chants for Punk and all signs about him were being confiscated. At one point, the producers of the show tried to lead the crowd into an “NXT” chant and instead they chanted for Punk.

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WWE Stock Prices Continue to Rise

Yesterday, the stock closed at $23.22 per share, among the highest it has been since the company went public.

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KENTA To Make Announcement About His Future Monday Night

He will address the crowd at the Pro Wrestling NOAH show in Korauken Hall in regards to his future in pro wrestling.

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