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Update on Last Night’s RAW Changes

According to Dave Meltzer, He got a text from a source stating that the writers were called in at 3:09pm to re-write the show. Bryan Alvarez also reported that a source told him that the original script did not include the opening promo by Daniel Bryan.
Credit Dave Meltzer & Bryan Alvarez, Wrestling Observer Radio

Sting Update

As of right now, the WWE is negotiating with Sting. According to Mike Johnson of, they are discussing how he will be used, the schedule he will work, and what he is willing to do. He states that the WWE would like for him to make a decision about the offer in the next few weeks. Johnson also reports that there have been no discussions about Sting wrestling the Undertaker this year and there is a feeling among those in the WWE that Sting is the face of WCW and he can be used to help sell the network. Johnson reiterated the fact that Sting to the WWE is not set in stone.
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WWE Offers Contract to International Star?

The WWE has apparently offered a contract to Prince Devitt. However, it has been reported that the WWE wants him to make a decision soon about the deal. Devitt is mulling over the offer, which would have him move from Ireland to the United States if he accepted the offer. 
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Japanese Star at the Performance Center

KENTA has been at the Performance Center this week, reportedly for a tryout. Mike Johnson brought up the fact that the WWE still might be looking to add a cruiserweight-themed show to the WWE Network. 
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