Monday Night Open Mic

Well that was heck of a PPV wasn’t it. No matter what side of the fence you were on about it, it definitely proved not to be boring thanks in part to a crowd that just wasn’t going to have it.

So a couple of thoughts coming out of one of the more interesting cards in a while.

— No problem with the NAO holding the tag straps for a transitional period but get it off of them before Wrestlemania please. Probably was the right time for the Brothers Rhodes to lose the belts but probably not the right team. I don’t think anyone wants to see them fight either and I don’t think there’s room for Cody to be a heel again and gain any traction.

— Bray Wyatt has game and I’m actually excited to see him work with Cena now. I think they can have a hell of a match and I believe Cena will work his ass off to get the best of out Bray.

— I’m worried about CM Punk. He was really off his game last night from what I’ve come to expect. hHe was holding his knee and grimacing Monday. He might be injured, he seems pretty disenchanted and I don’t see running a program with Kane as something that will bring out the best in him. A month ago it seemed like it was Punk-HHH or maybe Punk-HBK at Wrestlemania. That still might be the case but it seems farther away now.

— On the positive end I was impressed with Seth Rollins more than anyone else in the match. He went over 45 minutes and never seemed to run out of energy. He’s pretty much the third wheel in the Shield but I hope they don’t completely forget about him once the breakup happens.

— I’m hoping someone saw Cesaro get extended minutes and remembered that this guy has talent, charisma and can get a basic move like the giant swing over because he does something special with it. Maybe they might also see they are wasting the hell out Dutch too. Just dump Swagger and there might be something there.

— Mainly there were spots where I saw a lot of solid workers, young guys, in the ring and most of them have nothing to do right now other than wait for creative to find something or wait to get repackaged or future endeavored. As much as people bitched about the brand extension, it was good for the guys that could work and needed the time and platform to gain a following. If HHH was serious about trying to raise the prestige of the secondary singles belts he should consider the extension again and try to build it around the I-C and U.S. titles (or just the I-C title if they are merged). Punk, Bryan, Ziggler…even guys that are gone like Jeff Hardy and John Morrison…really connected with the audiences on Smackdown because they were given the space to be creative and get themselves over.

Anyway that’s all I got. RAW is on my DVR since I won’t be able to watch. Enjoy the show and come out swinging but try to keep it clean.