mah boy d bryan

okay scott, please continue predicting everything DB-related:

1) how many IWCers are gonna threat to never watch WWE again if Bryan doesnt win/enter the rumble?

2) how many are gonna cry about Vince not listening to the fans?

3) how many are gonna jump off a bridge if Bryan doesnt win/enter the rumble?

1.  Lex Luger.
2.  No, I didn't see the latest NJPW PPV yet, sadly.  Heard it was awesome.
3.  Frank Stallone, although the original plan was Horace Hogan.
With that out of the way, I will in fact be trying the new hotness by ordering the Rumble via the WWE App on iPad, so we'll see how that goes in preparation for the network.  I was a little annoyed in that I tried to order on directly, but they don't take Paypal for online PPV, only credit card.  Since I have Apple monies at the moment, I figured I'd try that.