Eric Bischoff – January 2001 interview

**WARNING – The following topic is NOT about Daniel Bryan. Please be warned.**

Hey guys,

Found this cool interview with EZ E back from 2001. For any of you anoraks out there (would there REALLY be any wrestling anoraks in a place like this?), you’d understand the significance of this date.

Eric was in the process of buying out WCW with the assistance of Fusient Media Ventures. He planned on closing WCW for a short period, then re-opening with a PPV known as ‘The Big Bang – The Creation of the New WCW’.

A lot of ground is covered, and Eric seems fairly confident (can you believe that?) at this stage. He gives a bit of insight as to some of his views on how business should be conducted from then on, and takes questions from both the hosts, and callers.
I’ve been painting my living room all day and this has definitely helped timed pass.

It also raises some interesting topics/questions:

*What were your thoughts at the time when you heard all of this news? What were your expectations, and were you willing to give WCW another shot?
*How do you think they would have done?
*Who would you have based the company around? Who do you think Eric would have based the company around?