Cena vs Bryan

I know you are probably tired of this topic but I still can't believe this company wouldn't capitalize on Bryan's popularity at Mania.  It is about 99% that we are getting Orton vs Batista for the title at Mania and it boggles my mind that they would rather run that match when they have a huge rematch in Cena vs Bryan right there for the taking on a silver platter(Cena wins Sunday, Bryan wins Rumble…simple).  The Mania crowd would go absolutely insane for that main event.  And we all know Orton vs Batista will be Orton vs H and Jericho vs H all over again.  There is no way this company DOESN'T think the fans, especially the Mania crowd, will take a huge dump on that match.  I just can't believe they would bypass a huge opportunity like this.  Bryan finally winning the title would be a huge 'Mania moment'  I can't think of a better way for Mania to end other than all those fans chanting 'YES' as loud as they can as the show goes off the air.

They can still do Batista vs Orton.  Have Orton lose and cost Batista the Rumble win.  Again, simple.  I know Vince is stubborn but how could he not see this?  Take the crowd reaction to the ending of RAW a few weeks ago(Bryan turning on the Wyatts) and multiply that for Mania.  I just think WWE is missing a huge opportunity here.  Any thoughts?

I'll be glad when the Rumble's over and we'll know one way or another what's happening.