Extremely clever Royal Rumble booking


> I've got it! A Royal Rumble finish that's never been done before!


> The final two men in the ring are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Suddenly,

> the lights go out, and the Wyatt Family storm the ring, throw both

> Bryan and Punk out of the ring THROUGH the ropes, and kidnap them.

> The show goes off the air with the announcers wondering what the hell

> was going on.


> Immediately after the show, HHH releases a message on WWE.com saying

> that, because there was no winner to the Royal Rumble, they would redo

> the entire thing tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw to decide the

> person that will MAIN EVENT WRESTLEMANIA!


> Since there will be, in essence, no more PPVs to worry about selling

> after this show, this would be the perfect way to both end the PPV era

> and pop a rating for the next night's show (plus fill a large swath of

> three hours with some content)


> Thoughts on this brilliant, inspired idea?


> – Joe

I like the kidnapping, but it needs more HHH. Perhaps he wins the redone Rumble himself and then laughs at them, for being B+ players?