NXT – January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Tensai
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

main story coming out of last week is the live NXT special on
February 27 which really is the closest thing to a pay per view that
NXT has ever had. There are no matches announced for it yet but I
can’t imagine Dallas keeps the title coming out of that show. The
question now is who challenges him on the special. Let’s get to it.

announcers intro the show. We’ve got a Championship Celebration for
Bo Dallas tonight.
Neville vs. Wesley Blake
is a cowboy. The fans are WAY into Neville here. They fight over a
wristlock to start until Neville spins around to escape. A headlock
takes Blake to the mat and it’s off to an armbar as they’re still in
first gear. Neville puts him down again with a springboard missile
dropkick followed by a loud chop in the corner. Fans: ONE MORE TIME!
Blake blocks it with a kick to the ribs and is immediately the most
hated man in the arena. Neville comes back with kicks to the gut and
head before the Red Arrow hits for the pin at 4:14.
C. Take a popular act and let
him fly around for a few minutes. It’s worked as a way to open the
show for years and it still works now. Blake was as generic of a
heel as you could ask for but there’s something nice about seeing a
70s gimmick like EVIL cowboy being dragged out of mothballs.
BFF’s brag about how awesome their lives are with Charlotte talking
about riding in limos in jets. She doesn’t care about Bayley either
because life is vicious and you have to drop the nobodies. Charlotte
is good as a heel, as if she could be anything else.
Woods vs. Alexander Rusev
tries to speed things up to start but Rusev shrugs off a dropkick and
hits Woods in the head with a forearm. He rains down some heavy
right hands before a double stomp gets two. Xavier fights back with
a kick to the ribs and a second dropkick followed by a Shining Wizard
for two. Rusev hits a jumping kick to the chest of all things and
the Accolade gets the submission at 2:40. Woods still does nothing
for me.
keeps the hold on but Sin Cara of all people makes the save.
Parker vs. Antonio Cesaro
throws him around to start as the fans just don’t care about Parker.
CJ tries to speed things up but dives back first onto Cesaro’s knees
and we hit the chinlock with a knee in the back. Parker fights back
with some knees to the chest in the corner and a high cross body for
two before loading up an airplane spin. Cesaro isn’t phased for some
reason and does his own Swing before the Neutralizer gets the pin at
D. People just do not care
about Parker and it’s time to pull the plug. He’s generic in the
ring and feels like he’s playing a character instead of being natural
at it whatsoever. Still though, Cesaro looks good and him shrugging
off the 1972 offense was a very nice touch. The match sucked though.
match Sami Zayn comes out on crutches and says that 2013 was the best
year of his career. However he’s been thinking about one match in
particular (fans: “MATCH OF THE YEAR!”) because it’s the one
blemish on his record. Sami wants a rematch but Cesaro walks up the
ramp and says no to his face.
is in the back and calls Full Sail awesome. He’s feeling saucy
tonight so maybe we should have a MizTV tonight. CJ Parker comes in
and wants to know why the people keep booing him. Miz says he can
see why and accuses Parker of disrespecting him. Parker says Miz is
leaving a toxic footprint by spewing all that toxic waste before
slapping Miz in the face. Hopefully this is the start of a turn for
vs. Summer Rae
and the BFF’s are seconds here and Renee Young is on commentary.
Feeling out process to start with Natalya taking over using some
technical stuff. She can’t get a backslide though but a snapmare
allows her to step on a seated Rae’s back, sending Summer face first
into the mat.
running seated dropkick gets two but Summer goes after the legs and
puts them in a modified Indian Deathlock, only to have Natalya
reverse it into a hold of her own. Summer is sent to the floor for a
second before Natalya brings her back in for some hard clotheslines
and forearms. Summer’s spinwheel kick is caught and the Sharpshooter
makes her tap at 2:54.
Cassady and Enzo Amore (still in a wheelchair but complete with
leopard print seat cover) say Enzo is making a full recovery with
Enzo saying he’ll fly. Aiden English comes in and brags about
beating Cassady over and over. Cassady points out the cheating so
English offers to sing. Enzo runs over Aiden’s foot.
for Bo’s celebration for being a record setting 224 day long title
reign. He broke the record nearly three months ago but why not have
a celebration now? Bo thanks us for such a great ovation and says
we’re here for an historic moment. He cherishes our cheers,
especially when we say LET’S GO BO. Tonight the NXT officials are
going to celebrate the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, and
that’s not Rollins or Langston.
with the best over the top grin ever, accepts the honor and thanks
some friends in the audience: his third cousin Charles, his sister’s
college roommate, and his fourth grade teacher. We get a banner
raised which looks like it’s computer generated. Bo celebrates his
here’s Adrian Neville to protest. He’s here to speak for everyone
when he says shut up. The fans say Bo is a wanker as Adrian says
he’s going to win the title.
laughs by saying Adrian got a title match before by beating someone
in 4:45. Dallas could easily beat Neville in less than 4:45. HHH
pops up on screen and says that Bo is going to get a chance to make
him a Bo-Liever. Right now, there’s going to be a match with a 4:45
time limit. If Bo can’t win, then Neville gets his rematch at the
live show on February 27.
Dallas vs. Adrian Neville
is in street clothes. Neville avoids a charge and points at the
clock before hiptossing Bo down and out to the floor. Bo pulls him
outside as well and we’re under four minutes. Adrian gets on the
apron but Dallas pulls the ring skirt to take Neville down. The
referee gets to nine and more time is burned off the clock. Dallas
pounds away with three minutes left and gets two off a suplex.
elbows rock Neville in the corner and a slam gets two with two
minutes to go. Dallas wastes a lot of time by driving some shoulders
into Neville, only to have Adrian come back with kicks to the thigh
and a forearm. A dropkick puts Dallas down with forty five seconds
on the clock. The Red Arrow is loaded up but Bo rolls outside.
Neville stands on the top rope and looks at the clock. Bo comes back
in with fifteen seconds left but gets backdropped to the floor as
time expires at 4:45.
D. This was an angle instead of
a match. I’m glad Bo didn’t lose, but at the same time I’m not wild
on having Neville get the title shot by just surviving a quick
beating and then running away for a minute and a half. The match
will be good when they get the time to actually wrestle.
comes back in post match and misses a charge, setting up a Red Arrow
to end the show.
C-. Not one of their
better efforts tonight but at least they’ve set up some interesting
stuff for the future. The good thing about NXT is that they can
change things up next week and not have to deal with these guys again
for another week. Hopefully they don’t spend the next month building
up to the live show like WWE does every few weeks.
Neville b. Wesley Blake – Red Arrow
Rusev b. Xavier Woods – Accolade
Cesaro b. CJ Parker – Neutralizer
b. Summer Rae – Sharpshooter
Neville vs. Bo Dallas went to a time limit draw

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