Nepotism/Saving Bryan

        2 questions:
1) If the Wrestlemania "main event" is Batista challenging Randy Orton, doesn't this open a whole can of nepotism worms in the locker room.  Obviously Triple H married the boss's daughter and inherited the company, but having Triple H's chosen two (dating back to 2003!) main event Wrestlemania XXX… I just see this getting a huge backlash both on the internet and in the locker room AND in the crowds.  Lesnar has been back two years, and Taker is Taker.  Batista literally walked in and gets the Rumble win, Mania main event?  Do you see the crowd turning on this ala Bryan/Sheamus at WM 28?

 2) Is there any chance of the following scenario happening?   Bryan pulls a Bret Hart (94) and gets "injured" in his match with Bray at the Rumble, maybe a postmatch beatdown and then limps down as a late entrant (24-27) and wins.  Batista can get eliminated by Punk and Triple H can recruit him as his avatar in that feud, possibly saving the Triple H match for Summerslam.  Heel Batista has more potential feuds than face Batista anyway. 

Batista is winning the Rumble and winning the title, guys.  Much like sex with Kobe Bryant, you can kick and scream all you want, but it's gonna happen.