Random Questions

1.  What was the story with Shawn Michaels overselling Hogan's offense at Summerslam 05?  Was he being a jerk?  Was it meant to add to the match?  Was he punished if he was being a jerk???

2.  What was the story with Trish and Lita both "retiring" in 2006?  Were they forced out?  Did they leave on their own terms???

3.  Does Shawn Michaels heel run after Summerslam 1997 get the credit it deserves?  I've been watching the Raws in between Summerslam and Ground Zero when he fought Undertaker and I was amazed at how much heat HBK had.  He played the part perfectly………just curious what you thought?

1.  Yes, he was blatantly being a jerk, and yes, he was punished for it.  I forget the exact deal with it, but Vince did not let him get away with it.  Hogan, oddly enough, was clueless the entire time to what was going on.  
2.  They both left on their own.  Trish wanted to retire and do yoga and Lita wanted to retire and do Edge.  Plus her punk band and shit.
3.  Shawn and D-X changed the business forever.  That was one of the true beginnings of the Attitude era, because it was a totally different kind of heel heat that had never been done before, where Shawn was both drawing standard heel reactions as well as trolling the hardcore fans at the same time.  Not to mention the "Are you ready…" entrance with the rapid camera cuts and subversive messages bled over into how they produced their own video packages and TV from then on.  It really was a revolutionary character.  And the first Cell match wasn't bad, either.