QOTD: Me, You, and Everyone We Know…Fuckin’

Senior Year of high school I was taking a game development class. It included the general selection of nerds, dorks, gamers, fat dudes like myself, and a pretty lass named…Hannah.

We hit it off immediately, and about a day before I was about to ask her to homecoming, another fellow asked her out and they started dating immediately until we graduated.

Flash forward 4 years and I stumble across her profile on Fetlife. In addition to her Sonic The Hedgehog Erotic drawings, I learned she is in a poly. relationship, and they all have pet names like “Dark Wolf” and “Wolf Pet” and “Wolf Pet”. The man, “Dark Wolf” has a series of photos of himself dorkily posing in front of a fire place, having the three women in the relationship collared and smiling, and a whole bunch of other kinky stuff.

They have two kids, I am unsure who is the mother of who, but they too, have pet names like ‘Wolf Cub” and something else.

On the bright side, I got to see Hannah naked in every.single.imaginable.angle thanks to these photos. On the down side? Da fuuuqqqqqqqqqq?

How do you feel toward long-term polyamorous relationships? What about if these relationships raise kids? Do you feel folks like the ones in Sister Wives are sick, different, just fine, or both? Do you think this is a bad environment in which to raise kids? 

The above was my introduction to polyamory beyond a three-way I had in 2006 with my girlfriend and her best friend, where ‘the rule’ (I.E I couldn’t bone the other girl) was in effect.

Not to speak for women who are into this kind of thing, but I can’t help but feel they’re being taken advantage of occasionally. Take an impressionable girl with low self-esteem, ooze confidence, tell them about your personal lifestyle choice, and you’re off to the orgiastic races.

From the ladies I’ve met in these kinds of relationship, the men have been supremely confident in themselves without much to be confident in – though I could just be jealous. If you look at the women on Sister Wives or what not, you kind of see a perceived sadness in their eyes, that they aren’t good enough to satisfy their man SO much that they need more than one woman.

But that’s just me judging based on my personal ideals.

Also the guy from Sister Wives looks like Chris Jericho.

What say you, Otters?