D-Bryan Rumble question

The general consensus is that Bryan's promo on Monday indicates that he won't be in the Rumble itself because he'll be tied up with the Wyatt match…any chance that Bryan's promo was specifically worded in that manner so that his eventual appearance in the Rumble match itself is a surprise? Or is this just absurd wishful thinking?

Also worth noting is that Eddie was facing Chavo in a singles match (during which he absolutely murdered both Chavo and Classic) at the Rumble before taking the title from Brock at No Way Out and beating Kurt at Mania. Not saying that there's necessarily a parallel there – outside of the fact that they're both respectively the hottest babyface act going – but perhaps Bryan not being in the actual Rumble match doesn't necessarily mean that Vince isn't ready to go all in with Bryan?

It's absurd wishful thinking.  Batista is HHH's buddy and Vince's pet guy and they obviously don't want people getting distracted from his greatness by Bryan having a chance at beating him.  Bryan turning babyface again is about the furthest Vince is going to go in admitting that maybe people don't want to see the same six guys headlining year after year.