Royal Rumble 1991 poster on

Hey Scott

Loving your work dude, keep it up as always, hope my clicks help the DVD fund, I dont have Kindle so cant contribute like that, but hey!

So, I was on the other day looking at their Royal Runble coverage, one image really stuck out for me: 30 Best Rumblers

To my alarm, the main image, the 1991 poster shows 22 superstars front and centre, 6 of which are now dead! I know we're talking 23 years ago but man, that isnt a great image to showcase your Rumble coverage – of the 11 over half are dead – Perfect, Von Erich, Hawk, Earthquake, Bossman and Savage.

Got me thinking, which Rumble has suffered the most losses, and I have found that 1990 (Savage, Brown, Andre, Bravo, Earthquake, Rude, Hercules and Perfect) and 1991 (Bravo, Von Erich, Hercules, Bulldog, Hawk, Crush, Earthquake and Perfect, plus Savage who no showed) tie with 8 losses per Rumble. 1991 has 9 if you include Savage who no showed the match.

In fact, every Rumble from 1988 – 2008 has at least one past away participant.

Not sure I have a massive point to make, just thought it was interesting!

I did a death count for Dungeon of Death and one of the Rumble shows ended up ranking as #1 for the most dead participants, either 90 or 91.  It was a really bad era for people dying in general because steroids and recreational drugs were totally out of control and business was down, so the answer was MORE STEROIDS.