Over/Under Wrestlers Salaries

Counting everything (DVDs, shirts, PPV bonuses, ect) your best guess on if they make more or less.
1. John Cena- $5 Million
2. Randy Orton- $3 Million
3. C.M. Punk- $3 Million
4. Undertaker- $500,000
5. Kofi Kingston- $300,000
6. A. J. Lee- $80,000

Well, most of these are known anyway.
Cena is low.  With merchandise and PPV payoffs he’s gotta be pulling in 8-10 million.  
Orton has a base of 1 million per year, so with extras 3 sounds reasonable.  
Punk would be the same, although with higher merch numbers and more savings because he’s such a cheap motherfucker.  
Taker makes a million per year.   He also makes a ton off royalties and WM payoff. 
Kofi sounds right.  
Base diva salary is around 100k so AJ is way low.  She would clean up on merchandise.