Daniel Bryan Update

This is from Bryan Alvarez in today’s Figure Four Weekly Newsletter:

Alvarez confirms that the original plan was for the storyline to last more than two weeks, with the idea that Wyatt brainwashed Bryan. In regards to WrestleMania, Alvarez was told by a source that two matches were planned for Bryan, one with him as part of the Wyatt Family and the other with him away from the family against Bray. Days before RAW, Alvarez was told by his source that Bryan’s WrestleMania plans had been changed.

However, when the footage of the Michigan St. fans chanting “YES” became shown all over the place, with some commentators and anchors even mentioning Daniel Bryan by name, Alvarez’s source told him that they felt “100% fully embarrassed” as the beloved face was now part of a heel stable and getting no reactions at this past weekend’s house shows that the choice was made to break him away from the family.

Backstage, everyone was reportedly in awe of the reaction that Bryan received at the end of this past RAW, with one source telling Alvarez that “Vince loves Bryan,” referencing Vince’s reaction to what he was seeing take place. Vince’s goal for WrestleMania is now to get the entire crowd to chant “YES” in unison.

The bad news in all of this is that Bryan apparently suffered a major concussion during the steel cage match on RAW and will be out of action indefinitely. This is not the first concussion that Bryan has suffered. Just before RAW went off of the air, a production guy looked up at Bryan and told him to keep chanting and Bryan looked very confused. Bryan himself then told WWE producers backstage after the show that he had very little recollection as to what happened in his match.

Just before the newsletter was published, the last word Alvarez received from his source was that Bryan’s match at the Royal Rumble was off.

UPDATE: Looks like Bryan is still advertised against Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage match for today’s house show in Indiana. However, no one seems to know if this is still on or if he is even medically cleared.