WWF Championship Wrestling September 28th, 1985

September 28, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Randy Savage & Jesse Ventura, Ivan Putski & Lanny Poffo, and Uncle Elmer.

Chuck Greenlee & Moondog Spot & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Ricky Steamboat & Pedro Morales & Tito Santana
Before the match, Gene Okerlund comes out to present Tito with the new Intercontinental Championship belt. Santana cleans house on the heels. The faces take turns beating on Lee until Spot catches Tito in the back with a knee. Spot gets two off of a backbreaker but misses a splash off of the second rope. Hot tag to Pedro, who beats on Greenlee who then appeared to have unintentionally dead-weighted Pedro on a slam. Steamboat tags and finishes him off with a flying body press (2:47).
Thoughts: Besides Tito being presented with the new IC belt, this was unmemorable. Greenlee didn’t know what he was doing in the ring and that did not make Pedro too happy.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. He shows us a video of Mean Gene Okerlund interviewing Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo outside of an eye clinic, which is for Windham’s injury sustained when he took a cigar in the eye. Windham is wearing an eye patch and vows to recapture the titles.
Jim Young vs. Adrian Adonis w/Jimmy Hart
Adonis is now managed by Hart, who along with the Missing Link was traded by Bobby Heenan in return for King Kong Bundy. Adonis comes out to Hart’s song titled “Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield.” Adonis appears to have gained 10lbs per TV taping. He starts by showing off his speed before beating on Young in the corner. Heenan joins the booth and tells us that he does whatever he wants as Vince asks him about having his men attack Hillbilly Jim after he gave his votes to Captain Lou Albano, depriving Heenan of the “Manager of the Year” award. Adonis then finishes off Young with a flying clothesline (1:50).
Thoughts: The match was nothing more than a backdrop for Heenan to continue the “Manager of the Year” angle. The announcement of the trade that sent Bundy to Heenan for Adonis and the Missing Link basically sums up how the WWF felt about the latter two.
Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog, who is angry with Jimmy Hart for interfering in his match against Terry Funk.
Jose Luis Rivera & Sal Gee vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Iron Sheik
Sheik beats on Rivera then tags Volkoff. Rivera fights back and tags Gee, who has little success. He runs into a knee then Volkoff hits a backbreaker. Sheik tags and hits a gutwrench before making him submit to the Camel Clutch (2:54).
Thoughts: Not much to this but the Russian National Anthem still produces instant heel heat.
Okerlund brings out Paul Orndorff, who will be facing Roddy Piper in a Lumberjack Match at the next house show in Los Angeles. He cuts an intense promo that came off well. Too bad for Orndorff because once his feud with Piper ended, he was basically stuck in limbo until he turned on Hogan.
Gino Carabello vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff catches Carabello with a knee. He hammers away before applying a chinlock. He tosses Carabello outside then hits him with an elbow smash from the top rope when he re-enters the ring. He then hits a suplex and a clothesline as the crowd goes nuts. He finally finishes him off with a piledriver (2:50).
Thoughts: The crowd was super into Orndorff and went nuts for his poses after the match. He really spiked Carabello on the piledriver too.
Piper’s Pit with Uncle Elmer. Piper talks about how Elmer will be getting married next week on TV and asks who would marry him. Elmer insults Piper by stating his wife weighs 125lbs, just like him. Piper was not as funny as you would think in this segment.
Joe Mirto & Mike Gola vs. Ivan Putski & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
Poffo reads a poem about Putski, the first poem he has read on WWF TV. They both work over Gola in their corner. Mirto tags and clotheslines Poffo, who fights right back. He tosses Mirto to the floor and rolls him back inside. Gola tags as does Putski, who puts him away with the Polish Hammer (1:27).
Thoughts: Putski was just about done with the company at this point and Poffo has already done jobs on TV so this was just two guys who the company had no plans for that were filling time. The crowd didn’t give a shit about this match at all.
Tito Santana gives us a PSA about the importance of eating a good breakfast. He appeared to have trouble with the cue cards here.
Mario Mancini & Mike Rice vs. Jesse Ventura & Randy Savage w/Miss Elizabeth
Vince was going gaga over Elizabeth during her entrance. Savage points and yells at Elizabeth before the match as the crowd boos him like crazy. The heels beat the piss out of Mancini to start. Savage yanks Rice into the ring and the heels use a ton of quick tags. These two are both working at a super fast-pace. Savage then puts away Rice with a flying elbow drop (1:55). After the match, Jesse calls out Bruno from the ring.
Thoughts: This team came about due to Ventura constantly praising Savage on commentary. Savage & Ventura worked at an extremely quick pace but didn’t display that much chemistry as a team.
Vince says he will unveil a major announcement next week.
Okerlund is with Terry Funk and Jimmy Hart. Funk calls JYD a “jackass” and brings up how he got knocked out by him in the Bahamas four years ago. Funk wants to beat and ridicule JYD during their match in Los Angeles. Funk cut some pretty damn good promos in his WWF run.
Vince lets us know that next week, Hillbilly Jim will return after being assaulted. Also, the Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake defend their titles against the British Bulldogs, who Bruno thinks will win the belts.
Final Thoughts: This show was skippable, with nothing major happening. Next week’s show with the Tag Title match and the major announcement sounds a lot better than matches filled with lower midcard guys.