A+ Match of the Day

Sorry guys, it’s seven parts of the 2009 Royal Rumble. I will put up the shitty video quality 2012 Rumble after Smackdown and we’ll finish this up next week with the final five remaining.

Looking at the numbers it’s laughable because someone forgot to book eliminations. Rey Mysterio 49+ minutes, Randy Orton 48+ minutes, Triple H 49+ minutes, Cody Rhodes 37+ minutes, Ted DiBiase 45+ minutes, Chris Jericho 37+ minutes, MIKE KNOX (??) 32+ minutes, how the fuck does Mike Knox get 30 minutes in a Rumble?

I think there were like over a dozen guys in the ring at one point.

This Rumble did have some good stuff though. The surprise entrant is great, draws the biggest pop of the night. The legends entrant keeps the crowd entertained. The comedy spots are well done for the most part.

So here you go, seven parts of 2009 Rumble, you would not insult me if you didn’t watch all seven.