WWE’s Target Audience

I recently watched the shoot interview Matt Stiker did with RFVideo, and something he said caught my attention. While dicussing the WWE product, he said that WWE isn’t aiming itself towards “guys in their 30’s who wear black t-shirts”. As someone who fits all of those criteria, I had to agree. I don’t watch the show regularly, but do read reviews in some twisted need to stay current. I’ve honestly found much better product on the indies (shameless PWG plug!). Is WWE doing what’s best for business? What are your thoughts on this? Agree, disagree?
Keep up the great writing!

Us guys in our 30s who wear black t-shirts give our money to UFC on PPV instead, which by the way did 1.1 MILLION buys on that dying industry last time.  That’s probably why WWE is so anxious to move to the Network, since they’re fixing a problem they created themselves.  People will buy something they want to see.