The Network Thingie

So yeah, that happened.  I know you marks might be taken in by the glitz and witty sketches of the presentation, but the REAL money is on the whole thing being a clever misdirection to distract people from the treatment of Daniel Bryan.
So anyway, although technically not available in Canada at launch, neither is Hulu and we all know what I watch RAW and NXT on, so that shouldn't be an issue.  If they're equally crabby about payment options like Hulu is, that might be more of a problem, but worst case I can get someone to make me an account and I'll reimburse them.  The bigger issue for me is that this massive influx of everything I ever wanted in a streaming WWE video library for a reasonable price means that I'll have little incentive to actually continue watching the shitty current product when I can just go into survival mode and review my brains out by bingeing on EVERY FUCKING PPV AND TV SHOW EVER BROADCAST first.  Like, holy shit, I can literally just go and watch Superbrawl IV without having to dig up my third-generation VHS-to-DVD dub, or Great American Bash 89, or whatever I want.  Especially Legends House.
I may seriously have to quit my job and live in my basement with a beer fridge and my iPad to fully deal with the situation.  Well played, WWE.  Well played.