Cable TV


Watching the launch of the WWE Network last night was excellent because it was far better of a deal than I was expecting… and it really seems like for once they are ahead of the curve on the direction society is going (for once) in regards to the way people want to get their entertainment. I know you cut the cord a while back and I was wondering if you are still glad you did or if you have found that you are missing out on anything and if you think we will see more stuff like the WWE Network becoming more common leading to more people pulling the plug?

I have also ruthlessly plugged the website I developed with a friend in the comments section so I would be slacking if I didn’t include a plug for it here (which I promise I will stop after this) .

Anyway thanks for giving me a platform to kill time and be entertained. Keep it up and have a great day.

As long as I’ve got Hulu and uTorrent I have nothing to miss from cable.   The only thing that was a pain was Big Brother, because it wasn’t readily available right away and CBS shows aren’t on Hulu.