WWE Creative vs. WWE Universe

Is it just me or is the most interesting feud right now taking place between Creative & the fans over Daniel Bryan?

The WWE has basically gone out of its way since the moment Bryan beat Cena to bury the guy. Orton, Triple H, The Authority, a B+ player, Big Show stealing his catchphrase, screwjobs and now joining the Wyatt family. Yet fans keep chanting for Bryan and he remains the most over guy in the company.

So what's the payoff? I'd book Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania.

Interesting you should ask, because I was just reading this:
It's really becoming a battle of attrition between Creative and the fans, with the fanbase actively rejecting everything non-Bryan in the main events.  I think what he really needs is someone like Undertaker to step up and champion him once and for all.  If Taker came forward and told Vince that he wanted Bryan to end the streak, Vince would know it's time to stop fucking around.  Not that ending the streak would be a good idea, but it would certainly send a message.  
My favorite comparison for bad storylines is always Steve Austin.  Do you think Steve Austin would put up with someone booking him to join the Wyatt Family as a garbageman?  He'd rip the script up and tell the writers to go fuck themselves.  Granted Bryan isn't in the position to do that, but there are people around who ARE in that position, and someone needs to say it.