Another Backlund Question

Seeing the question about Backlund's title reign reminded me of something else: what was the deal with him going coast to coast in the 93 Rumble? It seemed really random especially considering he was just returning and most people probably had no idea he was a former long-time champion.

Yeah, I went back to the WON from that time to check, and Dave just BURIES Backlund's involvement and how no one gave a shit about him.  It's pretty funny.  I think it was their idea to get him over with the marathon man babyface push, but it so did not work at all.  
Also from that time period:  Paul Heyman gets fired for allegedly falsifying hotel expense reports, Kerry Von Erich gets arrested for what would turn out to be the conviction that ended his life, Marty Jannetty gets fired again, and it's a spectacularly depressing period all around.